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Week 1 complete

Little Miss Dither raised her head again this morning. Having done W1R2 and a kettlebell class on Wednesday, followed by a spin class yesterday my thighs and glutes are really sore. So this was my excuse to give today a miss. But hang on - if I get W1R3 out of the way today I've then got 2 whole days off. So I got out of bed, put my running shoes on (and some clothes - don't want to scare the neighbours) and got out there.

I found today much more difficult than W1R2 but I'm hoping that's down to the other stuff I've done this week. At the start of the week I said that I couldn't imagine doing a 20 minute run - at this stage I can't imagine doing 90 second runs next week :(

On the positive side, I didn't need a nutrious snack when I got home as a result of the number of midges I think I swallowed. They seemed to be everywhere.

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Well done Dana. :) Feeling inspired by c25k, I was a lot more active on my 'rest days' during week 2 of the program, and found it a bit of a struggle as a result. Make sure you give your running muscles a rest in between runs (maybe a swim instead?), if you want to give yourself the best start in week 2. If you find you're getting through it easily then you can always up the exercise later. I ran for 20 minutes on Wednesday, which I certainly couldn't imagine five weeks ago. You will too. :)


Bravo, UKDana! It takes a lot of determination to get back out there when we'd really rather stay at home! ;)

I did my third run this morning, too ... but I'm doing it at my own pace and only managing 5 of the 8 x1 minute runs so far (which I'm really pleased with!), so I shall be repeating Wk1 next week. Good luck to you on Wk 2 ... I'm right behind you, LOL! :D


By the way - there WERE a lot of midges (or something!) around this morning, I got bitten in three places!! :(


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