Novice week 1 complete

well, I have completed week 1. I must admit I was expecting to do 5 or so runs a week. I am not sure what I saw in my research to make me think that. but when I looked at my App after week 1 run 3 I expected week 1 run 4! so today I have had a day off however, I find that I work better by sticking to a routine so I realised whilst trying to plan ahead of week 1. that when I drop off the kids at school, I have an hour and 15 minutes before I need to leave for work. Ideal Running time. so I am hopefully planning to run 4 out of those 5 days. do people think I am best off moving onto the next run/week each day, or better to stick to the same thing within that week? ie; run week1 run 3 again this week and don't start week 2 until next week?


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  • I started out of synch but then realised it was better to start a fresh week every Monday.

    They say it's best not to run every day. It takes a day to install all the upgrades.

    If you have that spare hour each weekday then the there's a programme here ( which interleaves strength and flexibility exercises with the running.

    Unfortunately I only just found it but hope to get it going on Tuesdays and Thursdays in between runs.

  • Hi Kezza and welcome.

    The idea of C25K is that you run 3X a week with rest days in between. Always have your rest days - it allows time for your body to repair and reduces risk of injury. Sometimes people need more than one rest day between runs, (or maybe life just gets in the way). You can do other non-impact exercise on the rest days, e.g. cycling walking yoga Pilates.

    I do a mixture of cycling walking and Pilates on my 'rest' days - so they aren't a rest from being physically active, just from the impact of running.

    Good luck with W2! Let us know how you get on so we can cheer for you😄

  • Hi Kezza, the reason you have rest days between runs is so the body can absorb the work done the day before, therefore making you stronger each time.

    It is also advisable to build up your stamina by exercising on rest days i.e brisk walking, cycling, swimming etc.

    This programme really works, 9 weeks ago I couldn’t run to catch a bus and last week I ran 3x5k

    All you need is positive mental attitude and determination.... you’ll do it, I did 😊

    Good luck and happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Hi, you can run 4 runs in one week as long as you have your day of rest after each run day 7 in 14 days is fine.

    On non run days do strength and flexibility exercises on non run days

  • The aim of recovery days is to help prevent injury. There is a regular article link that around here somewhere, which says that your cardiovascular fitness is always going to be about three weeks ahead of your muscle development. This can be misleading because you think that because you are puffing less, you can do more - but that’s a recipe for injury. I’d advise to stick to the plan and find other types of exercise for the other days.

  • What works for me on rest days is some exercise at home. I search Youtube for beginners exercise and there’s loads of options. Some low impact cardio,yoga, I’ve even done Zumba which was tougher then I’d have ever thought. Even 15-20 minutes was enough to tide me over. That may be worth a try. I’d never go to an actual class but at home you can do as little or as much as you want. Good luck.

  • thank you all for your advice. I guess in hindsight I was a little silly to do 3 runs in 3 days! luckily no injury! I am ex military so I have managed to drag that PMA mantra with me through life. once I put my mind to something I do it. I also work well with routine so I think I will use the rest days to do Yoga as I am practiced at it and it also helps aid healing. I will probably have a little run today as I have had a day off and will not get chance to do any over the weekend. I like the idea of a new week run each Monday so will just repeat one of week 1 I think. thank you for your help guys x

  • Unlike the military.. this programme is to be enjoyed...not endured :)

  • Hi and well done!!!

    Under no circumstances run every day...that is the way to the IC.... just fit the runs in,to suit yourself. I run Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.. other folk run in the week and have the weekend run free.

    This is your journey, to suit your lifestyle.

    Rest days are for non impact exercise... core strength and stamina are as important as the running..walking, cycling, swimming, Yoga, Pilates... climbing, even a hard day in the garden.. all count!

    Strength and Flex may help too!

    Always remember to stretch well after every run too...

  • I love yoga ! Just bought a cheapo dvd. It's flippin ace!

    Don't do too much! Being on the injury couch is not fun whatsover. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor are running legs!

    Have fun!

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