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Iron deficiency in runners

I've mentioned this in my earlier blog about "Sessions" and it seems others have experienced low iron levels. I was also talking to another lady at running club tonight who has had similar problems. This link may be of interest:

I found it quite useful - when I had the contraceptive injection I was told that it would be advisable to take a calcium supplement as I hate milk, even in tea or coffee, and the injection can have a detrimental effect on your bones. I've been taking my calcium supplement at the same time as my iron supplement - I now know that the calcium can stop the iron being properly absorbed and can make sure I take them at totally different times.

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Thanks for posting this. I have tried to donate blood twice in the last couple of weeks, without success. The first time they took a blood test, then wrote to me, saying my blood was normal and to try again. The second time it failed the "drop in test tube" test again. Both times I'd been for a half hour run earlier. I've started upping my intake of iron containing food (chocolate, anyone?!) but maybe I should take a supplement too - I already have a doctor prescribed calcium one, which I imagine doesn't help with the iron levels.


I'm taking my iron supplement with a drink of orange juice and then the calcium supplement two hours later - I hope that will improve things !


Thanks for this, as a vegetarian it's a real concern. The article was good and there was a link to one about veggie runners, also really useful.


Glad it was of interest - there seems to be a lot of useful information on that site.


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