A Runner and an Astronaut

7.2 - The Saga Continues... OK been there, done that, t-shirt please. Over-confident - humph! Nearly threw up at the end and have a blister under foot so now feel like a proper runner. And now runs are continuous (well hopefully) I decided to use map-my-run, and just for fun set the watch to beep at five minute intervals. I didn't realise that map-my-run spoke during the run with split times and loads of things I don't understand. Between beeping watches, MMR and Laura - I felt like I was in the middle of a NASA space launch. I also now know what a PB is - there was me thinking it was the chemical symbol for Lead. I now have a PB - it may not be great but it is a start and something to beat - once I've beaten 30 mins that is :)


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  • I tried mapmyrun for the first time on a dog walk with lots of stopping and snuffling about (not the dogs, they are too dignified for that). Anyway, I didn't realise that SHE would announce to the world that I had just taken 18 minutes to complete 1k At least she didn't tut as well but blimey, what a snitcher!

    I've put her on silent until she is able to announce I have done 5k in 30 mins. She may lose her voice during the long wait!

  • Ah Slookie - that's wonderful - soon there will be an app to tell us how long we've taken to do the shopping and dogs will be wearing 'garmins' for their walks - Map-my-Dog!

  • Ha ha Runon, what a pleasure it is to read your posts, you're a right laugh :-)

    I can totally relate to the tracking runs etc, I am a complete numpty tho' with anything like that .

    Well it sounds like a good run , apart from the nearly throwing up at the end of course , and you've not only got a PB, but a blister as well . Well done ! There would be a lot of people that'd pay good money for that , it is what we call in the business " A Double Brucie Bonus "

    One more to do and then onwards to Week 8 , Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy - I was all fingers and thumbs trying to get everything synchronised between the warm up walk and the start of the run - in the end I ran for 26.01 minutes because I was wanting to complete 4k - It is that extra last minute that gave me the blister I suspect - if I'd stopped when Laura said to I'd be blister free I'm sure - I cannot imagine Laura giving me blisters. Thank you again for your support :) xxx

  • Ha ha , I am exactly the same with setting my tracker off , what a flippin' palaver ! I am toying with the idea of getting a Garmin, but I like to take my phone for my tunes and just in case I need it . Pah !

    Oh and please listen to Laura next time Runon, we don't want you getting anymore blisters :-) xxx

  • I am not very app friendly, but I downloaded MMR too a few weeks ago. I haven't a clue how to use it, and the one time I did the map showed a start position which bore no resemblance to where I had actually started, despite me activating it at the beginning of my warm up so it would have found itself and be ready to go when I pushed the button!

    I think my best bet is probably to cycle my route with my bike computer thingy which I DO know how to use and then work it out with a pencil and a bit of paper. Why do they have to make these things so damned complicated? I'm only 49, but I feel like I'm 100 when I can't work out how to use things which 10 year olds have no problems with!!

  • Oh me too Use it , I have Runtracker , I can just about manage to do that one, when I remember to press the Start button and then the End one :-) xxx

  • Go to 'record a new work out' then 'start' (I had to look that up!) A much better idea is to carry an SCLP (Small Computer Literate Person) in a backpack and get them to do all the button pressing - adds a bit of weight but is worth it.

  • I did that (the first thing, not the second), which is why I am super frustrated. I thought I was being all techy and modern and youf-ful and all that as well. Turns out I am, in fact, a big fat luddite!

  • I think sometimes the dam*ed tech gets in the road of the running. Such faffings with presetting of watches, phones, podcasts, music, blah blah.

    When you have graduated from Couch you can ditch the tech that drives you bonkers and just get out and run free of it. It's lovely out there with nothing weighing you down or beeping at you. Go free my beauties, drop the chains, the ties that bind

    Ha ha, runs off cackling into the wide blue yonder

  • Indeed - Run Wild Run Free as they say or cackle as the case may be. There is something about being at one with the elements - today I was running down my beach - (well not actually mine other people can use it) under a clear blue sky thinking this is what it's all about - well this and blisters - and it's true all this tech does rather take away from the enjoyment - plus I kind of like to know how I'm doing only occasionally - the reminders in the first half seem to tell me how far off I am from completing whereas the ones in the last third or so I find an incentive - less is more as Einstein says or was that e=mc2?

  • Also I live in a particularly ugly and uninteresting part of the UK - the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border is the most uninspiring countryside I have ever seen short of the Belgian motorway I experienced this summer. I dream of running along a beach, but I'd have to drive 2 hours to get to it! Grafham Water is my nearest patch of water, and that is seriously grim!

  • I shall be looking forward to that, though I want to do some playlists on my trusty ancient 2nd gen ipod to inspire me for my 30 mins. It's no good when you're rattling round and suddenly the slow dance from your 6th form leavers' do comes on!

  • Ha Ha - Yes the 'slowie last dance' is probably the wrong rhythm - It's important to understand that smooching and running are not the same kind of sports. Music can certainly make a big difference and be really inpsirational as well as almost subliminally upping the pace. I suppose that before ipods people had to have a string quartet running around with them.

  • Hahaha! I was going along nicely with an old playlist of random stuff and TRex came on with Jeepster and I Love to Boogie. Nearly killed me.

  • Teee Hee - did you start dancing down the road? :)

  • Ha ha Miss W , you are so funny , fab post :-) xxx

  • Ha! That's so funny!!! Can just imagine you beeping away as you ran! You will be beating that PB before you know it!!!

  • Hopefully yes!!! I've decided that when I get to Season 9 Episode 3 of C25K, I shall be trying to improve my time rather than going for 10K (at least for a while) - it's all so addictive in a nice sort of way.

    PS - Don't forget to run tonight - not nagging or anything - it's just that you'll have Laura after you if you don't do it :)

  • That's my plan too. Stick to 30 mins and slowly up the speed. I will go tonight thanks. And will post later!! Have to!!!

  • Very funny post! And well done on the PB.

  • Thank you Irish Princess - the first PB is always the easiest :)

  • Always a good idea to make sure it's not TOO good, then you can improve ;)

    And at least you managed to complete your run without having to send a "Houston, I think we have a problem" message :) (I don't think the blister called for a full-on rescue mission...)

  • HaHa - I like that. There's definitely room for improvement on the PB - indeed a suite of rooms - probably a hotel of rooms. And never underestimate the medical emergenciness of a blister - they can be dangerous especially at the supersonic speeds I am approaching - this is unchartered territory. I wonder if it's easier to run on the moon?

  • I can't stop tittering. Imagining Slookie running to I love to Boogie, her legs going ten to the dozen. Sparks flying off em! Yeeeeeeeeeeha!

  • Tee hee - could set a new world record - I wonder what would be the worst track in the world to run to?

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