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What do you do about hydration during a run? Belt and bottle?

I'm laid up with calf pain at the moment - thankfully disappearing and I hope to get back to running in a week. In the meantime I've realised that I haven't been very good at hydrating for my runs. I try and drink loads beforehand and afterwards - I get a good pint and a half down when I get home (of water!). Nonetheless I think my calf problem is partly related to dehydration. I stretch and rest and do all the right things, but I still got muscle pain.

Question, how do you carry water when running? I know this seems a silly question. I can't see me running along with a bottle in my hand, and it feels a bit like overkill to go out with a running belt and bottles swinging for only 30 minutes running. Any suggestions? I really don't want this to happen again.

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I dont think you have to carry a drink on a 30 - 40 min run - as long as you have hydrated consistently before hand and get a drink as soon as possible afterwards. Unless it is very warm of course.

On longer runs I take one of those bottles that have a hole in the middle lol! Like this one


My little hand goes through the middle so it rests on my wrist but most runners hold it lightly. My sis, who is training for marathons and is running 16 miles or more on weekends swears by her camelback hydration system (like a backpack with a water "sac" in it).


Thanks Deryn61. I like the idea of the bottle with a hole in the middle.

I didn't think I needed to drink for such a short run but I might try and take sips anyway in case it helps with the muscle pain. I'm just desperate not to get this again. I know its just contractions because my doctor even sent me for an ultrasound and it showed no tears.


I don't drink a lot when I run (I'm still only going out for around 30 mins at a time) but I do like to have a little bit now and then when my mouth or throat feels too dry. I also make sure I drink a glass of water half an hour before I go out, and that's helped with the muscle problems I had in my calves, I think.

I used a bottle with a hole in it from Tesco at first, nice and squirty which helps as it's not too much effort to use (yeah, I know, but I need all the energy I can get!). But I got fed up with holding something in my hand as I was running.

Now I run with a belt which has loops for 2 small bottles which came with it, and a zip pouch that takes my ipod, phone and a key. I only use one bottle. I have to shove it right down on my hips to stop it sliding up and swinging around when I run, but I prefer it to the arm pouch. Also, it makes me feel like Batman. Saving up for a cape now :)


I don't take anything with me at all for anything under an hour or so but for longer than that I have one of those funky Camelbak belts with a bottle pouch on it which means I don't have to carry it - which I tried and hated.


Thanks for the tips - I think I'm going to go for the bottle with the hole for now and then see how it goes. I'm pretty sure I need something as I have trouble gathering enough spit to swallow half way through. When I'm up to running for longer I'll see about the belt n' bottles - will look up Camelbak, thanks Greg.


I always carry a bottle of water with me, as I get really thirsty, as well as drinking both before and after my runs. Not had any stitches or pains, so maybe this is why. I try to switch hands regularly, so both arms get an even 'work out'. I don't find it inconvenient at all.


I have a camelbak which I wear when running. I do duathlons and find it easier to use when I'm on the bike, so also wear it when I run. I find it too annoying trying to carry water when I run.


I carry a bottle with a whole in the middle...it's my comfort blanket as have always taken it out with me although I don't drink much on the way round. Have to say in recent weeks it has been really useful to help wash the flies down!


Thanks everybody. You seem to be split between bottle and belt! I wondered if the belt and bottle dangling weighs you down, but I suppose it's not gallons, you drink it up and you can always hide it under a voluminous t-shirt. I'll definitely try and start drinking a bit when I run so thanks for the words of wisdom.


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