Food after a run... What do you eat?

I'm all tucked up in bed with the latest "Women's Running" magazine ( I didn't even know it existed before starting this c25k lark!) and I'm reading the 10 golden rules of injury free running. I've been lucky enough so far to have avoided any pain or mishaps (crossed fingers) and would like to stay that way. One of the rules is to eat within 20 minutes of a run, the author states this is crucial to repair muscle tissue.

My question is: what do you all eat/ drink after a run? I find my stomach feels too tight after a run to even consider anything. I normally have a quartered blood orange or just stick to rehydrating with water. My appetite then kicks in maybe an hour or two later. Now I'm worried that because I'm not up for eating anything after a run, I may be doing my muscles a big disservice..? Should I just listen to what my body tells me or go with the sports coach advice?


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  • I run in the morning & even though I have already had a bowl of cereal I have taken to finishing my run with peanut butter on toast & a banana. I stopped eating meat last september so am trying to up my protein & though that peanut butter would hit the spot :)

  • I also run in the morning before breakfast so after having some water and a shower about an hour after I have a bowl of cereal. Been 7 weeks running now with that routine and it suits me well :)

  • If you find you cant eat after a run could you manage a drink of milk as this works in the repair/help recovery i find. Or as above have breakfast after or snack when your ready maybe?

  • Chocolate cream cake works for me but I don't think you should follow my advice ;)

  • I think I could manage a choux bun for sure... After all, most of it is air, right? :)

  • Sorry, joking aside, the 10 golden rules of injury free running seem useful. I'm about to post concerning my sore knee. :(

  • I hope your knee gets better soon, put your feet up for the weekend and give yourself and poppy a big pat on the back for getting this far x

  • I always run in the morning and eat a banana about 45 minutes beforehand. I take a bottle of Lucozade Revive with me if I am running on the treadmill. After my first outdoor run, I learnt that fizzy drinks and running don't mix so I took water last time ! On the treadmill, I sip the Lucozade during the brisk walks. Straight after the run and stretches I sip more Lucozade, have a shower at the gym then rush to work. I'll still be sipping at the Lucozade (it's got B vitamins to help with fatigue) for probably an hour or more but I don't usually want to eat for another couple of hours. Then I'll have a couple of boiled eggs (my friend at work brings in free range ones). I rarely want to eat anything sooner than that.

  • Normally I don't want to eat that soon after a run, if I do I have a bit of yoghurt and a banana, or a glass of milk, but as I normally run in the evening before the evening meal I am eating about an hour afterwards not in the 20 minute zone.

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