W7R1 Why did Laura leave me in my hour of need!

I completed this run, and it was marginally quicker than W7R1 but half way through my podcast cut out and I couldn't get it started again. Fortunately I had Strava with me, but it was very disconcerting and having to keep looking at the time wasn't helpful. I really missed Laura, and became more fixed on the time rather than loosing myself in the running. At present my ankle is killing me, so I've had the ice out. This hasn't happened for a while, but so far, so good. Two mysteries: How do you blow your nose when running? and How does anyone carry water with them other than carrying a bottle which is a pain? The first question is rhetorical but any advice on the carrying of water would be welcome.

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  • The apps are known to be unstable & crash, itunes podcasts work fine, have tissue ready in the pocket or up the sleeve or down your bra, blow as normal.

    You shouldn't need to carry water for c25k if well hydrated beforehand, but you can buy a hydration belt or doughnut ring to carry..

  • Well done for getting through it. I find that I don't need to take water with me at the moment. I often wonder myself about difficulty of carrying and gulping down water while running if in future I did do longer runs. I may find that I may have to stop for a few seconds to achieve it. I suppose over a long run it wouldn't matter too much.

  • On my run today I downloaded the MP3 and played it via VLC Player on my phone (Android), on an iOS device the Podcast app or Music app would probably be more stable.

  • Its odd. She hasn't let me down before. It cut out and wouldn't reconnect. Anyway, I'll just remember to have a plan B incase. Thanks for the advice.

  • Oh dear, naughty Laura, I've not experienced any problems with the podcasts so can't really help there, as davelinks says it's usually the apps that crash :-( don't give up on her though, fingers crossed r3 works OK for you. As for blowing your nose, I've seen naughty runners just blowing onto the ground (yuck) which maybe OK during a race but I think otherwise stuff tissues anywhere you can - yep, even in your bra (if you can get them out of there - my shockabsorber is like a vice!!!!) - keep going, and take care with your ankle :-)

    Not sure you really need to carry water at this stage, if you're well hydrated before you start you should be fine for half an hour, but if you feel you need to either one of the ring bottles or a run belt where you can stash a small bottle :-)

  • No I haven't had problems with it cutting out before either. I'll try to get more hydrated, but a little bottle would be brilliant as I was absolutely desperate for just a couple of mouthfuls of water. I think its part of the issue with breathing and getting a dry mouth. Thanks for the advice.

  • Well done on getting through run 2 of week 7 in difficult circumstances. :)

    We are both getting closer and closer to that magical 3rd run of week 9 and I'm certainly looking forward to becoming a graduate of the plan before Christmas which I never thought possible when I first stepped outside on run 1 of week 1. :)

    It's funny you say you are suffering with a dry mouth while you are running at this stage, and yet it hasn't been a problem you've mentioned before (I don't think!) because I was like that when I first started the plan, and as soon as I had finished a run in the first weeks, I could've quite easily gulped down a whole bath full of dirty water! But as the weeks have gone on, I've not felt that raging thirst when I finish a run. Yes, I have a glass or two of squash when I get back from a run but I don't feel I need it as desperately I did in the first few weeks. I guess this might have something to do with the fact that I drink tea almost constantly during the day, so when I venture out I'm already 'topped up' with liquid before I set off! ;)

    Oh, and I've not encountered any problems with the podcasts cutting out as I downloaded them all from iTunes onto a little iPod 'shuffle' which is ideal for c25k as it's really tiny (about the size of a large postage stamp) and the power lasts for weeks.

  • Hi Lee337, Your'e right, I haven't mentioned thirst before, but I have had a bottle placed where I know I can run back for it if needed as the runs were shorter. Yours, and others comments about hydration, I think are something I need to think about as I really drink very little usually. As for the podcast, I think its my iphone that was at fault. We do have a shuffle in the house, and this would be much easier to clip on, so this is a good idea. Good luck for your next run

  • Cheers bud. Yeah, I highly recommend the little iPod shuffle for this sort of thing as it is so tiny and has no weight to it all but it can hold a heck of a lot of podcasts, music or audio etc.

  • If I take water it's in the smaller sized 300 ml central hand grip bottle and I stash it down my crop top. You shouldn't need it for C25k during autumn

    You take a big hankie on all your runs and blow your conk during the walking bits. The first thing I put in my pocket is my hankie

    Good luck with the rest of the runs. Have fun!

  • My wife always has water when we run. She has no problem drinking while running and usually downs a full 300 ml. Myself I don't tend to drink while running. But to be fair when not running she constantly on the tea and coffee

  • I didn't use the podcasts, I downloaded the mp3s instead and put them on my mp3 player. My battery died on me during one run and fortunately I knew what time I had started running so I carried on to the end. I too found myself looking at my watch a lot.

    When I graduated I missed Laura so bought a running watch. I didn't want to end up looking at the time a lot (like when the battery ran out on my mp3 player) so I set it to vibrate after a certain time limit or distance depending on what I'm doing that run. I then cover my watch up under my sleeve so I can't look at it, otherwise time drags rather than it flying by.

    I've never drank anything during a run, even in Summer. I have a small glass of water half an hour before I go out, and then often just down a large glass when I get in. If I start doing longer runs then I wouldn't trust myself to run and drink at the same time. I am perfectly capable of choking on thin air, let alone inhaling a glug of water whilst on the move, so for me if I ever need to take water with me I'd have to pause to drink it.

  • Hope the ankle gets better soon!

  • Thanks. I haven't run since then, but its better now and I'm ready to go again.

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