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Week 5 Run 2 Done - Now for the Big One!

Really didn't think I could do two lots of 8 minutes, but I CAN and I even managed to speed up a bit towards the end.

Had to do the run on the treadmill as it has bucketed down with really heavy rain all day today. I definitely find indoor running much easier, but I'm still feeling pleased with myself. A month ago I could only dream about running for 8 minutes at a stretch.

Roll on Run 3! Hopefully outdoors!!

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Congratulations, knew you'd do it! You certainly should be pleased with yourself.

Suddenly in W5 we seem to be upping the game quite dramatically....I cannot imagine how I will manage to run for 20 minutes the run after next! I just keep trusting Laura and the programme, and the fact that I REALLY want to do this. Fingers crossed for R3: I'm sure you will be fine. Let us know how it goes.


Both of you keep trusting Laura, felt the same last week when I did W5R3 (notice I said did!) just take it steady, it isn't a race and you'll be great and smiling from ear to ear :-)


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