Which run do I do after my blonde moment!

Ok so I had a blonde moment the other day. I did run 2 of week 6 rather than run 1. Ok I should have listened to Laura more, but I was laughing to myself as I realised that I am better than Bolt as he can only run for 20 seconds and I can do 20 mins, but I was over halfway through when I realised. I am now not sure what run to do today. It should be run 2, but should I do run 1? I am not sure what I should do, but I thought that the experts on this forum may be able to help a brunette who thinks that she must have blonde roots!

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  • LOL the blonde moment - if you've done run 2 & handled it well then why not do run 2 again? Sounds like you're doing well, are you sure you're not Emily Pidgeon? ;-)

  • Thanks for that. It was the idea I was having. Done the run now and it was not too bad, so next time I will do run 3 and concentrate on what Laura says!

  • i'd say do run 2 again

  • Thanks for that. Done the run and coped ok with it again!

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