Blonde moment!!

As some of you might know I am training to do Triathlons next year. Because you can't wear iPods etc, I thought I would do C25K without the lovely Laura.

This means I have to remember the runs and time myself on a stop watch. This evening after a hugely hectic day, I ran wk6 r1. The programme is run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5.

In my blonde moment, I ran 8, walked 3, ran 5, walked 3, then ran 8. So instead of running for a total of 18 mins, I ran for 21!

I thought it was a bit tough lol! Happy days though, as I really enjoyed it ....


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10 Replies

  • Ha! Good for you. Must be tough to keep track of the times.

  • Whoops! You might like to know that there are various programmes you can download that just beep the intervals, I used them to start with before I figured out how to download the podcasts.

  • I'm sure the extra three minutes only added to your fitness :)

    I don't know if it's a rule for your triathlon that you can't wear an iPod, or if it's something you've decided due to the swimming. If it's the latter, you should know that you can get water proof mp3 players with bone induction speakers that can be worn under your swim cap. Just sayin' :)

  • Unfortunately it's one of the strict rules. There are a lot in triathlons.

  • I had started c25k when I decided on my Tri but I carried on with the podcasts. Throughout my training I did a combination of naked running and music running. The music is good for helping you find a natural pace. Saying that your near the solid runs now so that should help. Happy running.

  • Am I just being a bit dim? (It is still early...!)

    Why not just do the c25k using an MP3 player and then just not use it after graduation/for the tri training?

  • My thoughts exactly.

    There is a reason why the NHS C25K podcasts are so effective (running without having to time yourself is a very different experience) and it is only a tool to get you going, not the way you have to run for evermore... graduates are not all just listening to Week 9 over and over and over!

  • I guess I just want to do it for myself that way, I like to hear what's going on around me and be conscious of listening to my body ! Plus, I am virtually blind in my right eye (detached retina), so I think I have come to depend on hearing more...

    Happy running!

  • My aunt is also blind in one eye and runs a lot. Kudos to both of you—it must make it so much harder!

  • Thank you, it's really nothing, there are thousands far worse off lol

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