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I am due to run W 6 r 2 tonight but am feeling under the weather. I am ok to work etc but have stomach pains and just feel meh! I had a good r 1 but am dreading r 3. Do I give it a go tonight and risk not completing as I am very aware that what frame of mind you are in really matters. If I don't it knocks me off my planned schedule and I will be annoyed with myself but I also don't want a failed run. Has anyone ran through times of feeling yuk?

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  • If your not feeling 100% I wouldn't run......there's no rush to complete this programme........and if you did have to stop half way threw you would be wait till you feel better then go for it.......πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks. I will see how I go but probably not run. It is hard because it sort of takes over a bit and once I set myself to something .. well I am sure you know.

  • Yes I noπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I had a run like that at some point, possibly a Week 7 one? I can't remember but I posted about it on here. I was feeling a bit yukky, a bit headachy and I decided I would go anyway but not expect to finish the run and just give myself permission to stop and walk if I really felt I couldn't do it.

    Well lo and behold I completed it! I spent most of the run thinking 'I'll just keep going till I get to that lamp post/to Morrisons/to that railway bridge and then I'll see how I feel' and every time I got there I gave myself another little target with permission to stop if I needed to. I never did need to stop! Afterwards I still felt a bit headachy and under the weather but I also had endorphins pumping through my system and mentally I felt amazing!

    I'm not saying you should definitely go, just offering another perspective. Whatever you decide - stay at home/go but walk some of it/go and just see how you feel - you are NOT a failure, because you're doing this! So you are awesome!

  • Food for thought. Sometimes your best happens when you least expect it. Think I will have a go but listen to what body says (not just the usual you are going to die if you carry on!! I have got used to ignoring that!.) but I think I will know if I need to call it a day. I will only be annoyed at myself if I don't do something.

    So decision made unless I feel worse I will preserve on but be kind to myself.

    Thank you.

  • I wouldn't run if I was injured but you feel a bit meh. I'd run if I felt a bit meh. It might just be the thing that makes you feel better. Running jiggles your waist and I find it helps digestion along quite nicely as long as you leave plenty of time after eating.

    Be sure to drink plenty of water. I think nature tends to make you want to drink water when you feel a bit grotty in the tummy department

    Good luck x

  • Thank you. I am going to go for it!!

  • HI

    I ran and I did it and felt so much better afterwards!!! Last 5 minutes probably the hardest I have done and legs ache today, which hasn't happened in a while. Glad I had a go. Thanks all x

  • well done then , ask a question and answer it yourself!

  • I did ask myself afterward do I beer a beer to celebrate? The answer was YES!

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