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Life is like a Monopoly game – dressed up with peanut butter mayo

Go straight to Doctors - Do not pass Crib Goch - Do not collect C25K

mrstickle’s been everywhere, sadly Laura wasn’t able to make it :(

What an action-packed week I’ve had :) Kicked off by a trip to Women’s Olympic football at Coventry last Wednesday for two very exciting matches with daughter, even managed some retail therapy to keep the pre-match tension at bay. We had a great seat but my coughing sneezing lurgy just wasn’t shifting so no-one seemed to want to sit near us … funny that?

Negotiated our way home just in time to un-pack before re-packing my trekking kit for a long-standing engagement with the Welsh 3000’s!!

So packed & ready to go lurgy laden, I dragged myself off to see the surgery practice nurse for Without her seeing me I’d not have achieved much if anything this weekend, she diagnosed a virus which would “run” it’s course for 4 to 6 weeks ! ! No chest infection thankfully, but an inhaler to alleviate lack of “oxygen to brain” times, and antibiotics for that in case of ”snot runs green” absolute emergency break the seal moment (tmi I know.)

Wahooo Welsh 3000’s here I come with a great group of old friends, friends I’d yet to meet, the Dynamic Duo I could easily forget and a brilliant trusty leader :) 7 Peaks Saturday Inhaler sadly well used for going up & up & up, weather improved throughout the day. 4 Peaks Sunday Today was scrambling day so was my most challenging with worse weather thrown into the mix – ever so thankful for that inhaler and the peanut butter mayo sarnie combi yum) I’d deserved it :)

I’d also taken a 27% proof Icelandic Vodka based bottle of Opal away with me instead of the more traditional Night Nurse - I can thoroughly recommend it for sleep deprivation at the hostel zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday was to be Crib Goch Day (amongst others) but do you know what I couldn’t even manage the bunkhouse stairs (4 flights) let alone the climbing, walking, scrambling so I bailed out & took solace in retail therapy with a new friend and got some great bargains for my planned trip to Everest Base Camp ! ! !

As I type the body has a serious need of some major TLC so may venture to the pool later for a short swim and steam room, if no sport massage available – I vow to at least try to listen to Laura tomorrow, last completed W4R3 about 10 days ago now so think I’ll probably go back to re-start W3 and if I cope okay try a W4 re-start for my next outing, if I don’t I’ll carry on with W3.

C25K is like the 15 Peaks they’ll still be there when I next go back, does it really matter I didn’t make it all the way round, I have returned home safe & nearly sound, at least I gave it my best shot (well Opal anyway) and I'm not giving up :)

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Amazing! Think I will go for a lie down now as I'm exhausted just reading about your exploits!

Glad you returned safe and sound and hope your lurgy is better too. Was watching GB womens football team vs Brazil just now on the telly. Yaaaaay! :-)


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