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Post-run snacks? (Chocolate milk/peanut butter!)

Since running I have been getting SO hungry in the evenings. I always run about half 4/5ish and end up starving by the time I get home. This ends up in me eating dinner, and then wanting to eat everything else in the house. Not good considering I would quite like to lose a few pounds!

I think the best thing for me to do is have a snack after my run. I've tried bananas and rice cakes, but there's only so much they'll do for me. I've heard protein is better, and that chocolate milk is actually excellent?

Also - peanut butter. I've always been told this is fattening and I should totally steer clear, but now I've been reading that actually maybe this is good, perhaps on top of a rice cake?

Sorry if I've rambled! Any food advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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i drink milk after an evening run and find that helps me (have to flavour it with chocolate though)

would pushing the run back by an hour or more help? means less time in the evening for snacking


you want to try and avoid eating extra even if you are doing extra exercise. And are you sure c25k is in addition to your daily exercise, or are you replacing any other activity with c25k, in which case your calorie expenditure won't have increased? Can you eat something before you run, even if it's just an apple? You might find that the way to avoid eating too much after a run is to make sure you drink plenty of water. Milk is good, but not sure about chocolate milk! Peanut butter is great protein, so is humous, tofu, soya milk and other protein snacks, but remember to count them in your calorie total. I often have smoothie made with soya, banana and any other fruit I've got available and put my feet up and take my time drinking it. :)


I rarely did any extra exercise on top of my daily routine before C25K, so this is a huge increase! I'm very good at making healthy meals, it's the sweet tooth and snacking that's my issue hehe.

Loving the idea of a soya smoothie though! Might have to try that, thank you! :)


Running depletes your body of water and energy so make sure you drink at least 8 oz of water after you exercise to replace what your body has lost. Complex carbs will help keep the cravings/munchies at bay, so eat things like whole grain bread, potatoes, porridge oats. Also eating proteins like nuts and nut butter will help muscles recover faster. Yes, nuts and peanut butter are high in fat, but its a "good" fat and is better for you in the long run than a huge steak.


I you like chocolate milk, perhaps you could try a protein shake? One that is high in protein, but low in carbs and fat?

I drink one after every morning run and finds it complements a smal dish of cereal or porridge very well. Plus it has the added bonus of repairing your muscles and joints that little bit quicker!


On one of the earlier podcasts Laura says to drink some water and perhaps have a piece of fruit. SoI had a pear when I got home and now, if I feel hungry after a run I always fancy a pear! Eating can be habitual, so be careful: if you always have a highly calorific snack then your mind will expect it after every run.


Your probably not actually hungry but dehydrated and need water. The brain has difficulty distinguishing between hunger and lack of fluids. Drink at least 1 glass of water, have a cup of herbal tea and a piece of fruit. That should get rid of the 'hungry' feeling, if not drink another glass of water or dilute juice.

If your trying to lose weight a banana would be better than peanut butter later in the evening too.


must confess i always crave a peanut butter sandwich!


I personally know a lot of runners and others in sports who drink chocolate milk after a workout...

Here's a link that discusses it as a recovery drink...



Yes choc milk is a popular post run recovery drink. Plenty of carbs and protein for replenishing those muscles. I sometimes drink it but only after a longer run and always low-fat milk or there's a nice soya chocolate milk (Alpro I think).

Generally I find if I drink plenty of water I don't feel starving but a piece of fruit or slice of toast will do the trick if I need something.


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