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Hills... holy peanut butter Batman...

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So - what goes up must come down... and then go up again... :)

Morning all! Aussie here after my first "hills" session... Wow - tough work but again I can see how these things help with speed, endurance and fitness. Also, they're over quick enough so it's a bit easier to push on a mental level as you know it'll be done soon.

Parked the car up at the top of the hill this morning and did my warm up walk down the hill. Great idea (and bad idea). Great as by the time I'd got to the bottom I was warmed up and did a quick 3 minute jog to loosen up the legs... Bad as I knew the terror that awaited me...

Okay - no holding back now Aussie - get up that thing... Off we go at a decent pace (this is meant to be hard) and before I know it I'm at the top... Wow - out of breath, legs burning and it's a walk halfway down which turns into a light jog and then we're at the bottom... What next? Here we go again... and we're off up the hill! On my third rep I met a lovely lady who was walking up and down the hill... she and I had a chat about how great this was for your legs and fitness and she told me she was pretty impressed I was running up it... I told her I'd started running less than 6 months ago and I would have been lucky to WALK up that hill without getting out of breath in February.... Every time I'd get to the top almost done she'd give me a "c'mon, you can do it"... it made my day...

After 5 up hills I did a slow recovery jog along the flat... the glorious, lovely, perfect flat ground... and then ran back down the hill (running downhill is good for you too!)... then I must admit as tempted as I was to run back up it... I had to stop for a selfie so I stopped the session there... 27 minutes all up...

So - Richmond Park Hills - 0, Aussie - 5


PS. I will let you all know how the muscles and joints react tomorrow! :)

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Well done ! That looks like really hard work..

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks - hard work, but over quickly thankfully! :)

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Well done Aussie. They're not easy are they. I must admit to chickening out at running up and down hills. They suck the life out of you. It's a sign of your fitness that you can do it!

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to misswobble

They are tough but you can get it over with quickly and get back to couch surfing... Well, that's what I'm doing... :)

Resting up for the 15K long run on Sunday now.. Loving being on holidays... wife and kids fly back in tonight... just in time for another storm it seems... sigh....

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Fab stuff Aussie that's great going , your fitness levels seem to be going through the roof , and you pulled as well ha ha :-) Sorry, couldn't help it :-) xxx

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to poppypug

Haha! Thanks PP... :)

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Please take care especially when going down hill, all the pressure is on your knees, i know from experience the pain it can cause you. I loved running hills a few weeks ago but now afraid to, i have had a real bad knee issue ever since. Let us know how things progress.

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to carerof

Will do - I only properly "ran" down the hill on the last little bit of the run... the rest of the time was a walk halfway down and then a very light jog as I got my breath back... that's exactly why I didn't push myself too much today either (don't get me wrong - it was HARD) but I didn't want to push myself to breaking point and actually break something... :)

Thanks Carerof... :) Point noted as I do have some funny old knees on me... :)

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Way to go Aussie!! Looks like a serious work out. Watch those knees though matey, they're temperamental little blighters if you get them annoyed :)

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks AM ... I am trying to stay in their good books but not going too hard on them... Looks like I'll live to run another day... Sunday actually... :)

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Well done Aussie! This looks like a brilliant effort on a BGH (blooming giant hill)!

I have found that as long as you try to keep your legs under your body, not out in front, when going down hill it's not too hard on the legs at all. As I found out last week though, even if you are ache and pain free tomorrow you might be wise to rest up- trying to run will reveal the full extent to which your legs are in recovery mode :)

Nice to have some company as well. On my last hill run I passed to old gents parting ways on a corner twice. On the third time one of them said 'do stop grinning or I might have to join in'. It was only then I realised I must have been running up and down smiling like a mad woman- inclinous friends indeed.

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to emkeenan

No plans to run again until Sunday - 15K here we come! :)

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On 27 March I decided to run a long but VERY gentle hill from my home. Total only 9k, which I had been doing regularly before then. I have been crocked ever since with Achilles tendon pain and I have not been able to run since then.

SO - A word of caution. Please do not increase the difficulty/distance/incline too much in one go. It may cause injury and that will cheese you off big time!

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Beek

Duly noted... that's why I didn't go "to breaking point"... I don't want to break... :)

Hope you're feeling better with each day though... :)

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BeekGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Hi aussiegtc! Hope I wasn't telling you how to blow eggs! I am doing some aqua aerobics which does help with the pain a little. You certainly do not want to break yourself.

Happy running!

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Beek

Not at all.. I'm a beginner in so many ways to this running thing so all the advice I can get is welcome... When I first read about "running up and down hills being good for you" I was sure I'd misread... :) This forum lets me discuss my training, get great advice on not over training and generally share our love for running... I love it!

I am learning to listen more to my body and not push it too far... :)

Miles_Yonder profile image

Nice work, Aus! :-) Take it nice and steady up the hills (and down them!) and you'll be fine. They are hard work but really good for building strength and stamina, as you're finding out!

Sounds like a great run; and you had your very own spectator this morning too! :D enjoy your resting now! :-)

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

When you get the bottom and realize that it's "only up from here" it's a bit of a mental challenge alright... I'm not sure I'd like stairs any better than that big hill though mate... :)

Resting well today and the legs are okay... feeling it in my calves alright... I have found a 10-20 minute cool down walk for me has worked wonders too...

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It must have been the madman running up the hill, saying good morning, then walking down it... only to run up again and say "good morning again.."... by rep 3 it was a nod... lol... puffed!

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H Aussie, and you still look so fresh! Well done / High 5's :)

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aussiegtcGraduate in reply to jaxmc64

Thanks - I was a bit out of breath but you gotta smile for the camera... :)

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jaxmc64Graduate in reply to aussiegtc

Well done, you are doing brilliantly!

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Crazy man! Look at your times! Well done x

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Great training there Aussie and a personal cheerleader too! I've yet to perfect the hill training and the selfie! Enjoy your long run on Sunday x :-D

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Morning folks - an update 24 hours post hill session... I can see why people say "you should only do this every 2 weeks..."... I'm fine of course, but there's a lovely burn in my calves (you know - the good kind) and my knees are a little bit achey (not hurting, stairs and walking are FINE people).... BUT... this is why you go slow and steady...

Feeling great as I know this is a "good burn" of muscles growing! And another .5kg off the scales this morning - have it! I promise to take it easy of course... no more hill repeats for another 14 days or so... :)

Next week looks like this:

Sunday - 15K Long Run (Easy Pace - I reckon 1:40) - first run with hydration belt.. :)

Tuesday - 5K Recovery Run (Easy Pace)

Thursday - Intervals (90 second run, 2:30 Jog) for 30 mins/5K

Happy running folks! :) Have a great Friday!

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