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Every feel like giving up?

Hello, I am wondering how many have reached a point in this program and thought, " I can't do this, I should just give up?" Well if you are one who has felt that way in the past, you must have gotten over it if you are reading this, so good for you! However if you are one who is feeling that way right now, or is hesitating to start this program, I urge you not to give up! I just finished week 5 run 3 the one where you are running for 20 minutes. How crazy is that! Five weeks ago I had a hard time walking to get my mail.

The first week I thought I was going to die. Week two had me thinking I had signed up for some modern day torture program. By week three I was questioning my sanity. Then week four had me beginning to feel and see good results. Yesterday I finished week 5 run 3. As I was walking in the cool down something clicked in my head, a " light bulb" moment. I thought, " My body has always been physically capable of doing this. It's been my own mind that was holding me back".

Somewhere In the last 5 weeks I had made the decision to push the mute button on the recording of negativity and self doubt. Exactly when, I couldn't say. Maybe it was the welcome I received when I first posted being a newbie. Maybe it was when I read the posts of so many others who had felt the same way and then read the encouragement they received. It doesn't really matter WHEN it happened, it only matters that IT DID happen. It is amazing what the human body is capable of doing when the mind shuts up and stops sending negative message to the brain.

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Fantastic. You should be really proud of yourself for sticking with it. I certainly have felt like giving up in the middle of a run, but you're right, it's all mental. Now you are past that barrier I hope you keep seeing the benefits! The 20 minute run is a great milestone :) I remember it well!


What a great post! As you say, the support on here, and seeing people's experiences makes such a difference to those of us working our way through. Thank you for adding to them! :)


What a great post 😊

That 'lightbulb' moment is huge isn't it. For all the aching, puffing, panting and sweating that we go through, you never believe in the beginning that the biggest challenge is getting past your own mind giving you negative thoughts.

Well done, keep going


that is a brilliant post!!!!! and matches my experience of the programme so far.

For most of us the problem lies between our ears and the negative side of our nature that attempts to stop us achieving anything worthwhile in this lifetime.

your week 5 realisation is one of principles of Buddhist philosophy that of fundamental darkness ( another name for that negative voice)

the next point of realisation is that the negative voice has a function ....... in that to overcome it we have to make efforts and in doing so we grow mentally, physically and spiritually. in doing so we turn the negative into positive.

sorry couldn't resist sharing a little Buddhism :-)

keep running



i totally agree with your comments... Incidentally,I had a fantastic, small book of Buddhism, which was so useful to me, on a daily basis. Have searched high and low for it, it got lost in a house move...( cannot remember the title but would know the book).


My favourite is " Buddha in daily life" by Richard Causton you will find it on amazon.

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Thank you :)


Excellent post.... it is so true. Self doubt and lack of self confidence, but as Nick_Buddha_12 so rightly says, the negativity has a function, although we cannot always realise it...:)

You are on the way and clearly running strongly..keep it up :)


Thank you for the positive feed back. Another demonstration of the awesomeness of the program's community support network.


:). Congratulations on smashing that run. Excellent post.


You are so right. Getting off the couch is so hard because it is the mental training that is the hardest part. Our bodies are made for movement. They are designed to walk and run - but our brains are also programmed to make us preserve energy, so it says "stay on the couch". And it's not actually negativity. Your brain is just doing what would have been right if we had still been hunters and gatherers - to keep you alive by saving energy.


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