Another person pleased with a 47 min 5k!

Another person pleased with a 47 min 5k!

I've just seen googleme's post, and it made me think 'me too!'

I have barely run at all over the past two months (I graduated back in Feb, then did the 5x50 challenge and ran several 5ks, and one bizarre 10k, but didn't get on well with running when it was warmer). On the Facebook c25k page, someone suggested that people could run this morning in support of Julia and Hazel who were both doing half marathons today.

It was what I needed to get moving again. Thought I'd do 'at least ten minutes' but I ended up keeping going for 47 minutes, and doing another 5k, which I'm delighted with. And my legs feel ok. I took it very gently, just plod, plod, plodding along. I could have happily stopped at any point (especially in the first 15 minutes - ugh!) but didn't want to feel I'd wimped out.

c25k caters for a very wide range of people, and irrespective of how fast we run, we're all runners, and all getting fitter than we were before we ran at all. So if you think you're too slow, think again! It all counts. :)

The rainbow was from yesterday, but I decided to take it as a sign to get myself moving again.

PS Ha ha! Just noticed that has this been tagged 'FAST'!

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  • Lovely photo, thanks for sharing :-) Well done for keeping going when you felt like stopping, plodding away is what it takes sometimes and you're right it all counts!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. We've just had another wonderful rainbow here - I was out in the rain trying to get the rainbow arch over the top of an autumnal tree, but without the telephone wires... Quite a challenge. Fun though!

  • Hey greenlegs, thanks for your positive post on my posting. I certainly know what its like wanting to give up - but something somewhere tells you to keep digging in as the invisible finish line gets closer and closer. Sometimes, it isnt about the time/distance - it's simply a matter of the mind. It is never easy to come back from a long lay off, but the fact you have got back into it is highly respectable. PS i cant run 47 mins yet so im very impressed!!

  • Thanks. :) You're right - most of this game is about the mind!

  • Well done greenlegs. :-) I just started c25k from the beginning again last week and I'd also be very happy with a 47 min 5K. ;-)

  • Hi Legion! I think it's important that those of us who are slower don't keep too quiet about it - I expect it's a bit tedious for the speedier hares, but I think the tortoises amongst us need the most encouragement to not give up, or to not feel bad about being slow. I love hearing about people who are making fast progress too though - even when they write about their 'super slow' runs that are faster than anything I've ever managed! It's all relative.

    I also thought it worth posting that I was able to do a longer run after a two month gap - it's so easy to think it'll be too hard, so I won't bother! But it wasn't that hard really, once I'd got going.

  • I hadn't run for two months when I started again about a month ago (and hadn't run a lot in the months before that) so I was astonished and delighted to run for 20 minutes (at my tortoise pace!). :-) I wasn't really progressing as I hoped though, despite getting back into running 2-3 times per week, so I decided to start again at the beginning and I'm loving it! Well done for doing so well. Let's not forget who beat the hare. ;-)

  • I might have done better to ease myself back in - I will no doubt find out over the course of the next few days!

  • Nice to see you again greeners, lovely photo too (as always). You are quite right us slower runners should't keep quiet about our times, we are all different in our capabilities but we are all runners and fitter due to our efforts. I was sorry not to be able to run this morning hope to get back out there before too long.

  • Hope you're back on form and putting me to shame again very soon. :)

  • This is just what I needed to see after Saturdays parkrun debacle!

  • Hang on in there! :)

  • Hi greenlegs lovely to see your post, I am another oldie who hasn't run since June when I dislocated my shoulder but getting back slowly . I have been walking and tried a run when we were in York a week ago round the race course, nice and flat, did week four as you say very slow but I did it . Off to the lakes this morning so will be getting some walking in .Pat :-)

  • Welcome back, Pat :-)

  • Good to see you again - hope the lakes aren't too rainy! Hope you'll be back running more very soon.

  • Hi greenlegs! Lovely post & pic; must say I don't post here all the time but have passed on the 'slow & steady' mantra several times, & drummed it into both my daughters & son - in - law as they completed c25k! :-)

  • Hi! Ahhhh, that's nice. :) You're doing well in building a race team there!

  • Hi greenlegs, lovely photo and blog. Great to see you're enjoying your running again. Way too hot for me in the heat as well. On Facebook group too, trying to check in on here equally. :-)

  • Thanks. I did a tiny bit of running today - almost ten minutes... My excuse being that I was wearing walking boots and heavy raincoat and carrying my camera, and going along a bridle path that was very muddy and slippy, so I ended up walking and taking photos instead. :)

  • :) Are you on fb in c25k'rs group?

  • Yes, but very quietly, as I've run so little recently. :) I'm Di

  • :) Yes I was getting bit faffy with 10k training plans, thought I'd never get on with it! Susan

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