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Parkrun number 7 and under30minutes - feel really pleased with myself

I haven't managed to fit in a Parkrun for 3 weeks and I had been struggling to complete a full 30minutes without walking but I was determined this morning to try to crack the 30min barrier. I even woke up during the night thinking about it. I couldn't make up my mind whether to run with the week 9 podcast, my own music or just do it. When I got to the carpark I decided just to take my phone and use Endomondo to track it but forget about headphones as not many people seem to use them.

Made sure i didn't go off too fast but realised at about 2k I was well up with the pack rather than at the tail end. Having said that, it was quite a big field today - about 250 with a few new runners. I found running without headphones meant I could hear myself breathing and also hear others round about me more and I'm not sure I don't prefer the headphones blocking that out. Anyway once on the back stretch and into the wind I was struggling a bit but just kept telling myself to keep running, - one foot in front of the other, - you don't need to walk, - look there's someone walking you can pass them,- there's someone with a 100 runs tshirt you can keep up with them (not), - there's the 4kmarker speed up, - well maybe when you see the finish, - that's the finish you've done it!

Wasn't sure of my time because I never get Endomondo started and stopped exactly on time but I thought I was pretty close to the 30minutes. when the results came through my time was 29:00!

I did my first Parkrun in April when I was on about week 6 of the podcasts and made it in 35:13 so I've knocked a full 6minutes off my time.

I remember seeing people doing the Parkrun a couple of years ago and thinking that I might try it sometime without really thinking I would. I know that I'd never have been able to turn up and just do it. It's been working throuhg the programme that's got my fitness, technique and stamina up to this level and where it hasn't been for 30 years I suspect.

For those folk thinking about Parkrun I'd thoroughly recommend it but probably once your more than half way through the podcasts.

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What a brilliant time ! Well done !

I wish there were Parkruns in Telford.


wow what fantastic progress, that is wonderful :-)


Fantastic post! I'll be doing a ParkRun soon. Not sure how I'd cope without music though, how did you find it afterwards? did you find no music helped or hindered your run?


I think I prefer doing it with music. It shuts out my heavy breathing and those of the people round me, including someone just behind me who had very heavy footfalls. Also the changing tracks on random shuffle create interest as I never know what comes on next.

Doing it without musics does mean you get more of the atmosphere of the place.

Specifically on the Parkrun, they say it's up to you but ask you to take headphones out to listen to the marshall at the start which is fine. I reckon out of a field of 250 I saw maybe half a dozen using headphones.


Thanks for that, so hardly anyone used headphones on the run?

I'll give it a go without music, I like the idea of the atmosphere :)


Great blog, and a fantastic time; well done! :)


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