2 weeks on and race news

Still got a bit of a niggly back but I have been taking a few more rest days between runs. Managed 35 mins 5 days ago but only 25 mins today. Still I feel if I am getting 3K or 3.5K or 4K under my belt, then I am not on the couch! When I was really resting it last week I managed a couple of hill walks up north so I was getting loads of steps in towards being active and alive :-)

The BIG news is I have entered a 3K - one of these Great Runs type things which only has a 10K option has opened a 3K option - there's no way I would be able to do 10K this year so I have signed up and paid for SOMETHING!!

And...this is probably the biggest news for me in that I am well and truly 'outed' as a person who runs - in the school where I go two days a week (for work) female staff were invited to form a team to raise money for Cancer Research so I am doing the 5K Race for Life in May/June as part of a fundraising team (we'll each walk or run our own 5K but badged as the one group) - I would NEVER have wanted to let people know I ran/jogged before, I feel part of me has had breakthrough.

Also, I measured myself today, whilst looking at July's measurements and I have lost a couple of inches off my tum and legs - yay!! I knew this from my clothes but its a wee bonus when you feel disappointed like I did today that I was achey after 25 mins rather than 35 mins.

And...I get antsy feeling if I haven't been out for a few days. What next? Will I be scouring Lidl for running gear !?!? :-)

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12 Replies

  • You sound pretty hooked to me. Great stuff, apart from the niggly back obviously!

  • You will! You'll be talking about compression socks and negative splits before you can say "wheeeeeeeeeeee, I'm a Runner" 😄

  • I don't even know what either of those things are (truly!)

  • My favourite running word that I didn't know before, is Fartlek... I am such a juvenile, I'm sniggering as I type😁

  • Oh I saw someone post about that the other day so I know what that is ...farting in public then legging it fast.....

  • ...with intervals!

  • 😂 and of course a fartlek without intervals is just called the runs😂

  • All very positive stuff there! :)

    I know what you mean about wanting to be signed up for some sort of race/run. I'm trying to work out what's reasonable for me to aim for this year... Is a 10k in May realistic, given that I haven't quite finished the c25k plan since starting in April last year?! I'm making real progress at last though, so maybe...

  • Hey that's fabulous all round. Don't be disappointed with your 25 mins. You're still doing it and want to, so it's all good. Yesterday was just a practice run :-). x

  • Of course you will be! Running gear is a cure all! Very exciting about the race. I haven't done one myself yet but am thinking about it at some point...

    Rest up until your back feels better and go easy on yourself. Sometimes you feel achey after a short run, sometimes you can run longer than you expect. That's just the way of being a runner. :)

  • My back is v sore today. I'm still not over this strain, clearly!

  • Oh no. :( Sending healing thoughts your way.

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