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HELP!! I'm terrified for my next run!! W7R2

So yesterday I did W7R2, and although I completed the run, I really don't think I should have. The whole time I was running (well it started after about 5 minutes, and really came on 15mins+) I felt like I was going to faint and throw up. I kept going because I didn't want to let myself down, and didn't want the disappointment, but let me tell you now, that was the hardest run of my life.

When Laura said I could walk again, my head span a bit, and I genuinely thought I was going to pass out and/or vomit.

I know it is normal to get a little tired on your run and be a little nervous for your next run, but I am truly terrified and I don't want to do the run because I am scared that I will fail.

I don't want support from you guys (although a little would be nice ;) ), I want an explanation. Why is this happening to me now?? I found W5+W6 sooo easy compared to this.

For the record I have been getting tired and out of breath for W6R3+W7R1, but nothing like this. Could it be dehydration? Lack of energy? I literally have no idea, I just don't want it to happen again.

Please advice, and feel free to ask anything!

Thank you!

~ Olivia

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Had you eaten enough before? Maybe because you're on longer runs now you need to leave an extra recovery day between runs. Could you be anaemic? Time of the month? Maybe you are starting to come down with something but it hasn't fully hit yet. Hope some of those suggestions might give you something to consider, and I hope you feel better next time you run. Take it easy though.


Yes I ate a chocolate croissant before (about 300 calories, so surely that is enough energy?)

I had left 3 days in between the run before and this run

I could be anaemic, but I have never seen any signs before so I doubt it.

Not my time of the month.

2 days on from the run and I still feel healthy.

I'm so confused?? Thanks for the suggestions anyway :)

I am doing W7R3 tonight, so hopefully I will be all right!

Wish me luck!


Sounds like you're pushing it too hard. Take it as slow as you can, little more than a jog, try and settle into a relaxed rhythm and breathe. I know that when I started this I thought that you had to increase speed with each run but the aim of this programme is to increase the time that you run, speed comes later (if at all)


For my run tonight, I will be sure to go a lot slower to see if it helps.

Thanks for the advice! :)


Does sound like dehydration or indeed something eaten late the night before??? Don't let it become a mental block. There's no race to complete the course, perhaps repeat a couple of runs from last week to build up your confidence. Best of luck...You can do it


Thanks :) I'm doing W7R3 tonight, and if I still feel unwell I will do W6 again.

And I will make sure to drink lots of water haha!


It could be many things, but I sympathise with you 100% because this has happened to me a few times and I feel the same as you. I have had all sorts of tests by the doc but they cannot find a reason. The common factor for me was that it was happening when I thought I was fit enough to continue at the same pace i had been running recently or felt ready, even excited to push myself a little further. That's what the idea is right, to go further each time? Well, I guess we all have our limits and sometimes it may be best to hang on below where you are at, don't be afraid to go back a bit until you feel totally confident you can move on. You may never know why you felt unwell, I never got to the bottom of it. But proceed kindly and safely to yourself and maybe get checked out at the docs to be on the safe side and also to renew your confidence.


Hey Olivia, first of all CONGRATS for coming so far! I do agree with all what has been said above, it could be anything of the above or something we have not told. I am just wondering whether your blood pressure has gone low..? I am not a Dr, but could this be a reason I wonder..

Goo dluck with your other runs!!


Olivia well done on getting so far, and don't be put off by this run. It is getting harder but you can get there as you are so near the end now.

I had a couple of hard runs at the end, one was because I was dehydrated and did feel awful ... wanted to give up in the first minute, but it was also partly one bad run made me scared of the next. But I slowed the pace right down ... felt it was better to be just faster than a walk and complete it than to push so I felt like I was dying.

Hope the next run is better and keep up the good work ;)


Hi Olivia, firstly, well done for pushing on with your run! I don't know why it was hard, and you may never know either, but a couple of thoughts occur to me and i offer them for your consideration :D

A chocolate croissant, whilst yummy and full of energy, might not be giving you sustaining energy, if that makes sense? Perhaps porridge or a banana or wholemeal toast might have been slow-release foods. Also, croissants are quite fatty and chocolatey (oh, I want one now!) so just might have contributed to your feelings of sickness?

It does get harder as you progress through the weeks and the runs. There's no doubt about it, we have to work up to this and it is work. Have you thought about taking an extra day between runs to allow your body to recover?

I hope your next run goes well for you. Don't dread it - you can do this! Take it slow and steady and you'll get there, I'm sure :)


my thought exactly re croissant vs something useful like banana or porridge 30-60 minutes before and plenty of water before.

It may be that Olivia is fighting something off in the background too, which wouldn't become apparent unless she lost the battle and succumbed to being poorly.

Olivia, as others have said, take the pace really easy, its about running for the time at this stage. Best of luck x


My next run was much better thanks! As many of you presumed I think it was a mixture between bad food and dehydration. Feeling much more positive now, thanks everyone!! xx


Read my W7R2 blog from Sunday, I had an awful run too but am pretty sure it is to do with the change in the weather, getting too hot and dehydrating. So tomorrow I am going to wear a lot less and drink more water before I go.

Good luck with your next run!


I think it was dehydration as my W7R3 was much better! Thanks for the support! :)


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