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2 days post Parkrun & my thigh muscles still HATE me!

Its been 2 days since I did my 1st Parkrun and I know that there is a difference to running outside to on the treadmill but this is just ridiculous!

My thigh muscles are so painful I can hardly walk.

I'm supposed to be starting week 8 today but I really don't think my legs would take it.

I am determined to get back on the plan tomorrow though so any tips for sorting my aching thighs (& butt cheeks) out would be greatly appreciated :)

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Seriously, the first time I did a parkrun I was the same, listen to your body and take a few extra rest days!


Forgot to say, I would suggest a gentle swim if you can, really really helps (well it helps me!)


running outside can take quite a toll on the muscles which a treadmill ususally protects, so you might need to rest for longer. You will almost certainly need to stretch your piriformis which will sort out your poor butt! :) And, just to live up to my name, swim, swim, swim :)


i would definatley advocate more rest. My legs (shins / calves) were really sore the first time I did 5k and the park run.


Gutted - really wanted to crack on with the plan :(


If you're happy taking painkillers, I find if I've overdone it that one or two Ibuprofen before going to bed helps avoid being so stiff in the morning you can hardly move.


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