Week 1 and pains in my thigh muscles

Hi I have just started this on Monday am very unfit and overweight but really enjoyed my first run, but the next day I woke up and could hardly walk stairs where a nightmare and hills, I have left it three days and just done my second run, which was painful is this normal will it pass what should I do run through the pain or cut back etc etc any advice greatly appreciated

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  • It is going to be hard, especially if this is the first serious exercise you have done in a while. I would suggest watching your pace when running, possibly doing a slightly longer warm down walk, and find some good stretches post run, i think there are some good videos on u tube.

    It will get better, but stretching post run will probably help. Good luck and dont give up.

  • Thank you for the quick reply, and yes I will put that into practice. I was wondering should i stick to the programme and just run through the pain or take extra rest days any ideas on that would be appreciated

  • Stick with it and make sure you do some exercise on your recovery days. And as itsallanadventure says Stretch. Post-run stretches will help the muscles.

  • My legs hurt so much the day after my first run! I stretched before my second and just ran though the mild pain and they have stopped hurting now. I think it's reawakening my old muscles that forgot they existed! ;) will get easier and will stop hurting eventually!!

  • Thanks Swanscot and Boo_scribbles

    I have taken the advice about stretching and running through the pain and they are hurting for less after and not as bad, I also tried massaging some deep heat into them as well after the run which seems to help. I also concur with the wakening of muscles that forgot I had lol