Post graduation week 2. Still running! Does it get any easier?

I'm still not sure I'd call it running more slow jogging. I'm still running for 30+ minutes but it's so hard. I miss Laura's motivation but not the music. The first 15 mins is the hardest and then I get into a rhythm. I have yet to actually reach 5k. I can if you include the walking but when I run/jog taking away the walk I have reached 4.82. Was so disappointed that I could not reach those last few metres. Part of the problem is my route. Being in the inner city doesn't give me many running paths (in the dark) and short of getting bored running round and round block I just don't know how to get that last bit of distance. Time wise i'm slow. 4.82 at 42 mins. I'm chuffed I'm still going at 40 mins, but disappointed it's still not 5k. Part of it is mental thinking. Because when I reach the last part of the route I struggle to keep running until I reach 5k. I'll have to do an extra road or something on the route. Until it starts getting lighter again I'm not risking the canal. I still don't find it easy and in some ways even harder since their is no plan. In my mind I want to reach 5k before embarking on another plan and increase time. At least I'm still going out and it is still a battle with my mind but the feeling of exultation afterwards is incredible so that keeps me going. But does it really get any easier? Does anyone else struggle or am I just moaning and need to buckle down and get on with it??!!

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  • It is easy to feel lost post graduation, add in the cold and dark of the winter and it is impressive that you are still out there running. I set myself targets, some short term and some longer term. This means that you can still get the sense of achievement that C25k gives, by attaining your short term targets and still have some bigger fish to fry in future. My current short term aim is to get my average pace for my 5k home run, down below 6mins/k, which is difficult, because I have a long uphill at the end of the run. I have achieved most of my distance aims recently, having got up to ten miles, but now have times for each route which can be the target, next time I run those routes.

    It sounds like you are constrained by your running routes. Can you go somewhere else to run, perhaps at the weekend, giving yourself some new challenges. Pace, distance and duration can all be used for your targets. Have you thought about a Parkrun. That will give you a measured 5k and you won't run out of road. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you. I have thought of a park run. Been a little put off when I saw the route, steep up hill to start and 2 laps of the hill. I do think this will be my best bet for measuring though. Thanks in you are an encouragement.

  • Have you done the C25K+ run podcasts? The Stepping Stones, Speed and STamina ones with Laura?

    You could check out your local council's running programme to see if they are doing running classes over the winter. Ours runs a beginners running course every Thursday evening for a pound a session. I'm going to sign up

  • That's a great idea. I'll check that out.

  • I'm feeling same as you , I feel lost without the programme , hate running early morning in the dark & find it hard to get out of bed ( before work ) to do it . I'm reaching 5k but do find last bit tough . I think entering some park runs , registering for charity runs a race for life May be ? I'm feeling same as you your not on your own .iannodatruffle is right , it's not the best time of year for us to keep motivated either . Is there a treadmill u could use ? I'm thinking if joining a gym to use treadmill , for when I'm working coz I hate dark cold mornings ,& I'm too knackered at night .

  • Forgot to add . Think how far we have come ! Hang in there your doing great & with time & effort we will reach our personal goals . Wishing you well .

  • Thank you. There's no way I'm giving up just its bn harder running 5k after Laura than I ever imagined. I think in my mind just a little disappointed that after running 40 mins not quite reached 5k yet. But hey, I'm running 40 mins! Winter and snow could prove a prob but I think the park run will be the way to go.

  • Well done for keeping running. I think i'm the same as you 2/3 weeks out of graduation. I just signed up for the local children's Hospice Santa Dash, mine is taking place mid December, which has given me something to aim for, especially as I'm being sponsored by family and friends.

    My goal isn't 5k, but to run for 30mins 3 times a week, everything revolves around time, rather than distance, as with the 5k plan. Oddly enough none of the 5k plan is ever measured in distance, only time.

    My whole route is 5.2k, which includes warm up/down so I'm never going to run the full 5k distance.

    I too run on streets, but have a route so I'm not running past the same place twice, if you know what I mean. When I started to get a little quicker and to make the route longer I added a different street onto the route, but I added them at the start of the run, rather than tagging on the end, that way I always finish around the same part of my final street. This is to trick my brain into thinking I haven't run further, so my legs don't want to stop when I reach the bit I usually stop at. Hope that makes sense?

    I too would love to parkrun, but have kids things on at the weekend so can't fit it in yet, but think it would be great to substitute a dark morning run for a daylight weekend one.

    You're doing amazingly well, getting out when it's cold and dark is a struggle, and you're right to stay safe. Just plod on through winter and look forward to some more exciting spring runs just waiting around the corner x

  • Thank you. You sound exactly like me and I understood everything I was saying. The key is definitely to put an extra road in on the way rather than on way back. My legs seem to get really strong after 15 mins as they know they are on their way home. They get very laboured at around 28 mins when they know they are nearly there. If I turn away from home in the last minute to try to fit in the 5k they really complain. Perhaps I should concentrate more on the 30mins with 2 5min walks then and not worry about 5k and let nature take it's course. Thank you.

  • Don't feel despondent Mum2. Parkrun may be a good idea but if you've got little ones it's always tricky on a Saturday morning I guess? Rockette suggested a treadmill; I got one recently for a bargain £30! They're a bit bulky admittedly but at least I know I'll have no excuses when that severe winter they're promising us hits home! I'm going to put in for a few fun runs too as I WILL lose motivation without Laura (I know myself too well!). My goal will be to run 5k 'easily' rather than the real struggle it is. Once I can do that I'll worry about time etc, but right now I just want to keep going. My safe route in the dark after work is as boring as hell so I know what you mean. I'm not quite sure what to do about that either at the moment.

  • Thank goodness for this forum really. I don't feel like im completely on my own.

  • I think we are all in the same boat us newly graduated ! We will find a way . The first ten mins of my runs or not good , I think every time I'm not going to make this run , but after that , I don't know something kicks in , it's strange . Good idea about adding the extra road on at the beginning .

  • Good to know about the first few mins. Maybe that is the mental battle. At least this forum keeps us going with encouragement.

  • I graduated in the Spring and now still alternate the three c25k+ podcasts. I've tried running to other music but miss Laura chivvying me along.

    As to the distance - I stopped worrying about what distance I was covering. I'm not intending increasing above 5k-ish - the fact that I'm running at all at my age (nearly 64) is quite something! I don't now measure using runtastic as I used to, but I wear a fitbit 24/7 and that says I'm running or walking around 35 miles a week.

  • So just who is that young whippersnapper in you photo?

  • Ha, thank you! I had to have that photo taken on Sunday for Woman magazine who are doing an article on the 5:2 Diet. I lost three stone on it in six months and have been maintaining now for the last six months on just one fasting day a week and three runs - I feel fantastic and certainly not my age!

  • You look marvellous. Send a message when the Mag comes out. Were you able to mention C25K?

  • I think I did. I fell over for the first time today - no damage except to a glove and my dignity!

  • Glad you're OK. It's funny how we feel foolish when we fall. I've only fallen once. Thankfully no one was around so I got straight back up & ran, pretending nothing had happened. Look fwd to the magazine coming out.

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