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Post 5K race post!

3 days ago I ran my very first race and it was quite the experience. I was quick out of the blocks, maybe in the first 10 racers, and was doing well until about 10 minutes in, when my asthma unexpectedly kicked in. Cue wheezing, coughing; the works. Naturally I had to slow down, catch my breath, and let the other racers pass me! But once I sped up again, my breathing slowly got better (effects of a long acting beta agonist) and I was able to run to the finish line.

I wasn't entertaining any illusion of actually finishing in the top few racers, so my pre-run goals were to a) finish the run, and b) smash my personal best. Both were achieved; I ran a sub-30 minute 5K for the first time, despite slowing down mid-run.

Really ecstatic, and now I'm looking forward to improving my speed, and stamina over the next few weeks.

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Well done on your first event. You are not alone, I remember my first event I set off like Usain Bolt and felt epic then my body screamed at me " what on earth" and I had to slow down. It is so easy to get caught up In those first few minutes. Well done for pulling it back and finishing with such a great time.


Fantastic time! I still haven't gone sub 30 minutes over 5k so you must have gone some, especially with the asthma affecting you so badly. Very impressive :)


Well done on a fantastic achievement ! :-) xxx


Wow, great time! Well done on your first race :)


Wow, well done!


Great fun! Go off slower next tine, preserving energy 😀

Building strength and stamina rakes more than weeks, bear in mind 💪😀


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