My Graduation - Thank You's & Boo Hoos :)

My Graduation - Thank You's & Boo Hoos :)

Well firstly, I want to say another big, huge, gianormous THANK YOU to everyone on here who's supported and advised me over the last 9 weeks, and all those who blog about their experiences. You guys kept me strong when I was weak and you all motivated me like crazy - I couldn't have done it without you, especially in the first few weeks so again, thank you. Blimey, I'm getting teary here!

And of course a big thank you to the NHS and to the people who created this amazing program, you've truely changed me and my attitude to exercise and I cannot wait for the new podcasts to come out :)

I must admit, 9 weeks ago I was pretty adament I wouldn't get to this point. I thought to myself, I'll try my best but if I can't do it, it's no biggie. I never stick to anything other than continuing to eat a bad diet, so the fact that I've made it here is amazing, I still can't believe it. This program has shown me strength and determination I never knew I had. Just wow.

I've noticed some major changes in myself over these 9 weeks:

My body shape has completely changed, less fat more yuuuuum! ;)

I can't stop thinking about running - I eat, breathe and sleep running now

I'm sooooo much more confident and I actually venture out on my own to run now, which is pretty unheard of for me as I suffer from social anxiety and find it hard to go out on my own, so that has been a MAJOR difference in me

My legs look lovely lol

...and come to think of it so does my bum ;)

Lost 5lbs :)

I no longer feel breathless when walking up stairs...I'd happily run up them now (and I do, just to prove I can lol) :D

I feel like I can do anything now - nothing is impossible, 10K, Marathon, Ultra Marathon? Bring it!!

Giving up or falling back into old habits isn't an option!

The boohoos:

Clothes don't fit me anymore..... :D

To everyone who are on their way to graduating - you can do it!! It's hard and it'll push you but everyone is capable no matter how old or young, big or small etc etc you can, and you will do it!

And when you need that extra push, get on here to read the wise words of others and to feel the love :)

You're all truley amazing and inspiring for making the choice to do something about your health!

So, keep up the hard work fellow runners :)

Rosey xx


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  • Congratulations Rosie :) Well Done

  • Thanks MrsTickle :) Love the name!

  • well done what a great acheivement dont forget to get your green graduate badge as you deserve it.


  • Thank you :) I've requested it, just waiting for him to get to it lol!

  • looking forward to see ing the badge Rosey21. Very well done and I'm sure your blog willinspire others. Love to hear what you do next so keep blogging :)

  • Thanks happierswimming :) I'm looking forward to it too :) and I'd love to inspire others just like many on here inspire me :) I'll keep'll get tired of me ;)

  • Well done Rosey, and thanks for the encouragement to us following behind you. Keep running! :D

  • Thank you :) Keep up the running too!!

    I'm guessing by your name you have asthma? How are you finding running with it? My mum has asthma but would like to give the C25K a go, so would be nice to hear your experiences... :)

  • Well done, Rosey!

    You've worked hard, and you deserve that new wardrobe you're gonna be!

    So glad to see you have graduated....

  • Thanks Grammadog :) Hehe, it's not only me that's's my bank balance ;) lol

  • Well done Rosey. It's difficult to explain to new runners how this programme really could be the beginning of a new outlook on life. It's just running isn't it? But your blog just goes to prove once again that it really is the best thing since sliced bread (wholemeal bread that is ;) )

  • LOL! Wholemeal bread indeed! :D

    It's so true! At the beginning I wouldn't have thought following a running program for 9 weeks would change me so much, but it has. It's just wonderful! I'll be plugging the program to anyone who'll listen lol ;)

  • I loved your blog Rosey21, Having found week 6 tough you have really given me inspiration! I can't wait to graduate now and suffer from your boo hoo's x

  • Aww thanks 2girls, it really means a lot :) I too found week 6 hard which is a real knock to the ole confidence after doing W5R3 but you can do it, and you'll soon be a graduate, I know it :)

    It's a big transition and I think our bodies are getting over the first long run'll be fine :)

    Hehe, I've got to eat more healthy though or they really will be boo hoos, it'll be 5lbs gained instead lol :P

    Keep it up! :) xx

  • Congratulations!!! Fantastic blog - very inspiring. Look forward to hearing about your half marathons, marathons.....:-)

  • Aww, thank you so much :) It's my dream to run a marathon, so I'll keep everyone posted...although it'll be a while before I get to that level of fitness lol :)

  • Congratulations, what a wonderful post x

  • Thanks Deryn :) its nice to know my ramblings are appreciated lol :)

  • Congratulations and well done! It's easy to forget how far we have all come on this programme! This site is truly an inspiration and I love the graduation picture you posted! :-)

  • Thanks pingle :) It's true, everyone on here is inspiring! They definately keep me motivated when I'm struggling :)

  • Wow you summed up what it means to you beautifully, can't wait till I do my graduation blog. 3 runs to go. I totally get it. :) ;) :)

  • Aww thanks newyorker :) Wow, just 3 runs left?! They'll fly by and then you'll have that well deserved green badge ;)

    Keep it up - I know you can do it ;)

  • Really well done - so pleased for you. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep them (and your running) going x

  • Thanks klw :) I'm glad you've enjoyed them!

    I'll keep them both up don't you worry ;) x

  • well done, its stories like yours that spur me on, i'm still not convinced i'll be able to do wk 9 but i'm gonna giv it my best shot :)

  • Thanks tomb raider (I love that game lol) I'm glad I can help with the motivation :)

    I won't try and convince you that you'll do week 9, lord knows I never thought I would but you can and you will do it, and that's that :P

    The bottom line is that if you follow the program it'll work out :) There wouldn't be so many graduates otherwise :)

    Keep it up!! :)

  • Aww Rosie thats lovely, and you have been inspiring and encouraging all the way. I finish this week - and am doing Race for Life tomorrow eeek! Keep at it Rosie, it really does change your life, definately changed mine! xx

  • Great graduation blog Rosey and well done again - love to see the green badge there. Now my turn....see my blog!

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