20minutes looming

Im on week5,did run 1 yesterday,run 2 will be tomorrow & then i have the dreaded run3 which is the 20 minute run on sunday & its scaring the pants off of me,how the hell will I ever run for 20mins?I mean tomorrows 8minute run is going to be bad enough but 20minutes,that one hell of a jump! A WHOLE 12 MINUTES LONGER!!!

When the thought of it pops into my head my whole body tenses up with such a dread feeling & I know I need to get myself into a more positive state of mind or else I will be failing from the start


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7 Replies

  • check out the tags about week 5 on here and have faith in yourself and Laura. :) Everyone worries about r3, but the first two runs of the week are great preparation. You might have to slow down, but so does nearly everyone else :) Don't think of it as 12 minutes longer, but as the two previous 8 minute runs with their interval walk joined up and you can do it. Keep it nice and slow (my body always tells me the quicker I run, the sooner the 20 minutes will be over, so I'm a fine one to talk, I know!) We're all looking forward to hearing how you get on and then you will look back on the week and think of it as a good one because it's the one that finally convinces you that you might make a runner after all :)

  • Except you've already run 16 minutes just with a bit of walking in the middle which doesn't sound such a jump! Nearly everyone dreads W5R3 but nearly everyone manages it (honest! - just look at the blogs!) I did W5R2 three times as I was putting off R3 and then in the end I only did it accidentally as I put on the wrong podcast and thought 'What the hell might as well try it!' Start slow, have faith in yourself, your new found fitness and Laura and go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you might not run all the way and even then at least you have had a run! Strangely I now prefer continuous runs and find going back to intervals really hard - have to slow down just when I' m getting into a rhythm! Good luck! and let us know how you get on :-)

  • Good luck! You will do it with the power of Laura! Keep your pace nice and slow. I too found the continuous running easier than intervals. Keep us informed :)

  • thankyou for encouragement & yeah I wll check out the w5r3 tags & I will definetly keep you informed either to be crowing like mad or moaning about it

  • Hi Fuzzyrex

    I am exactly at same place as you and will be prob dong them on the days you are, yes I feel the same about the last run of 20 minutes, people keep advising people to slow down when they do it, all I can say is if I slow down any more I will be walking lol. My legs still feel like heavy weights, although I have managed to do all the runs uptil now with out stopping. Im also aching alot hips, pelvis etc, so we will see how things go, good luck to you anyway.

  • I will be doing the 20 min run on Saturday, after today's run 2 I have to say I'm confident about finishing it in one piece!

  • good luck to you too littlejan & angela,please let me know how you both get on?

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