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10k Looming & Knee Niggles

I wonder if it is worth me buying new stability trainers now, even though I am signed up to do my first 10k race (age 47.5 years) on 3rd August in York. Any advice please?

I usually suffer some stiffness, even after 5k but I can still run every other day or 3 times a week at least, although I sometimes do less. When I ran 10k I was unable to run for 2 weeks because of cracking, sore and stiff knees that felt they would dislocate if I wasn't careful. I iced, wore knee supports and bought sports orthotic innersoles and all seemed to be fine.

Now, as I say, I did 7.11k on Thursday, little stiff next day and am suffering a bit still. Again the old knees are griping. After a full weekend they are usually ok but they are not :( I don't think I will run tomorrow now and I hate not running!

I also don't want to fork out for new trainers if I can't wear them for this race, if I don't have to. I have Mizunos so they are decent. I wear orthotic innersoles in those. I try to run correctly. I do longer warm ups and cool downs and I stretch in an effort to alleviate problems.

Feeling a bit fed up if I cannot run until my race.

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Sounds like you may need some physio work on the knee. Some runners do need more than a days rest between their long runs. Don't be too hard on yourself you are doing brilliantly! Good luck for your 10k ! :)


I'm so sorry that sounds hard...have you ever seen a physio or a sports osteopath??? They can give specific exercises to help strengthen the area....

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I did years ago. They said my knees needed strengthening to avoid pinning surgically. I had 6 months of physio and suspect it's a genetic weakness. I managed to avoid any surgical procedures tho and haven't suffered a major dislocation for more years than I care to remember. Sometimes it slips slightly and I will be extra careful, wear a knee support, take a few days break.

It actually seems ok now. Perhaps not as bad as I thought. I think I may just be worrying and a bit anxious I will not be doing any long runs until the big day now.

How are you ju ?


I think it's anxiety I really do. I swear that as soon as we enter a race the worry begins. Worry manifests itself in our bodies tensing up. You know it! Shoulders hunching, hands clenching. We're like coiled springs!

So, calm down right now. If needs be take some Ibufren etc and a few days break to see how it goes. Have you got a proper 10 k training plan?


I don’t like taking tablets lol but, it ks a good tip so I will try tumeric on my food as I think that has anti inflammatory properties. Thank you.


I think 49.5 has even more impetus! :)

You could be right. I may just be starting to get a bit nervous and tense.

I did start off on a plan but it got on my nerves. I know I am silly and I should have stuck with it but I have been having sich a wonderful time running :D The enforced times maďe me not enjoy it at all.

I have done a long run each week although only 1 x 10k to date. I did 8k last wk. I tend to just do what I want depending on how I feel. I use the c25k+ podcasts a couple of times weekly as well, mixing them up.

I do wear knee supports on and off but I wear Skins and they are compression tights which help no end. I think i will get new trainers lol xxx


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