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Back on the road again tomorrow

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Come hell or high water, tomorrow I am going for a run!

Had a thoroughly miserable 10 days for running. Having struggled with Piriformis problems 3 weeks ago, I got over that, but on my 2nd run got struck again. Too much too soon. Been to an osteopath now, as I undoubtedly have hip problems (pelvis all out of line). He read the riot act to me (nicely) about sitting with crossed legs, cracked my back and released my psoas (didn't know I had one, but it hurt, so I do now!). I feel a whole lot better now, and have some exercises to do. Tomorrow I am out for a 3K run. Can't wait!

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Good reminder about not crossing legs, I'm terrible for that. Intrigued about releasing the psoas, what did he do (if it's not too traumatic to recall)? Have just had a flare up of my similar sounding problem (except the physio said my pelvis is okay) so if you have any exercise tips then I'd be grateful.

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NerdioGraduate in reply to notbad

I'll try and find some examples of the exercises online and post a link.

The psoas are on the front of the pelvis, it can shorten giving back ache and a load of issues. To 'release' it he lifted my leg then worked into the 'corner' at the top of my leg then straightened my leg. Ouch.

I said when I started this I would get fit and stay fit. 30 years of little real exercise is proving hard to undo!

Take it easy and let those aches and pains heal. I am confident I will get back to normal I am sure you will too. :-)

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NerdioGraduate in reply to notbad

This link shows you what stretches I have been doing

See figures 17, 18, and 19. The one in Fig. 18 is subtly different to what I d. I sit up, and twist my body the other way. I find it tricky to get it just right.

My physio recommended these, but did warn me to take it easy. Don't stretch until it hurts, you will feel it pulling, but it should not hurt.

For psosas, these are pretty good.

These will need to be done daily I think. You aren't going to fix things in one day :)

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notbadGraduate in reply to Nerdio

Thanks Nerdio, much appreciated - figure 18 is the only one I don't do at all, figure 20 (the pigeon pose in Yoga) really eases the ache for me. Had a good read of that psoas article, very interesting thanks, what a complex lot of muscles that area is - the only one I do out of those is the Warrior so I'll try the others.

My physio gave the same advice about taking it to the edge but not to pain, little and often - I must confess I had been neglecting these recently as had felt okay, doh! Sharp return of pain is a good reminder.

You take it easy too - and thanks again for your advice. :-)

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Welcome back and best of luck with your run. that leg stretchy thing the physic did sounded like torture.

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NerdioGraduate in reply to suzybenj

Thanks, its good to be back, albeit scaled back a bit. I'm feeling a lot better generally, still a few aches, but I know now I can get through them.

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