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help .............10k looming

I haven't run regularly for a couple of months now, and i don't feel as fit as i did. I was wondering if, since i've 'been away' from this lovely forum for a while. Could anyone point me in the right direction of any couch to 10k apps (if possible which do not have to be downloaded through I tunes) I have had so many probs with finding out my previous log in details with I tunes I would prefer not to even go there unless I HAVE to . I am due to run a 10k in May !!

Thanks Kazz

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Hi kazzers, I don't know of any couch to 10k apps but there is a bridge to 10k app which is detailed here:

I seem to remember it starts with 3x 15 mins. Although I preferred making my own plan, building up no more than 10% a week from 5k (just once a week, other two runs were Speed & Stamina podcasts to mix it up).

Best of luck. :-)


After looking at several apps available on the net, we decided to go with a 6 week plan. Instead of downloading the app, we made a list of the run times each week and kept our own time. This worked well so we could listen to our own music. Like notbad wrote, just try to go easy and not increase your time too quickly. Happy to see you back here and good luck! Gayle


Hey, thanks notbad and Gayle, I'll see what i can do then!! :-)



thin pink good free app


Hey runner45, thanks for that, i'll take a look :-)


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