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Worst / Best run yet!

I started week4 today at the gym. I rarely run outside, though I know I should so I get use to doing both outside and treadmill, but with it being 100+ degrees outside... I prefer the gym with a fan in my face lol .

Anyway....week 4.........TOUGH!!! Last week's run, w3r3, was also tough, but I had to blame that on lack of coffee. But I pulled through it!

THIS TIME, I had enough coffee, I was pumped and ready to go. I ran for 3 minutes, walked....I forgot... a minute and a half to three minutes, and ran 5 minutes, ran three, then 5 again. The FIRST three minute run I rocked it. Then the 5 minute run.... not so much. I ran the whole time but man it was tough. Then before I knew it... time to run 5 minutes yet again. SO MANY TIMES I went to press the speed button to slow down to walking but I forced myself not to. It was sooo tough for me. By the end of the 5 minutes I was gasping, huffing and puffing, and I felt like throwing up. Why? Because I've had nothing but coffee all freaking day. Nothing to eat. DO NOT FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE, that was the worst idea I've ever had. For the love of god, eat a good breakfast before running, UGH!!

Why I titled this blog the worst, yet best run yet.... for the first time I felt like it was a CHALLENGE. The last few weeks was easy japanes-y, THIS was definitely making me push myself to my limits. Although it was hard, and I nearly threw up in the bathroom afterward (lol.) I pushed myself to the very end and I'm so pleased with myself.

Why it was the worst? Well, I felt sick, I didnt eat and drank 3 cups of coffee right before running... because I'm stupid like that. (I'm never doing that again).

I'm kind of dreading the next run day after tomorrow. I'll for surely eat a good breakfast with my coffee, and see how I do then. Wish me luck!

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I tend to run first thing in the morning before I've had breakfast. I havea milky coffee (essential) and a glass of water. Then I have breakfast when I get back.


I run in the evenings, is the only spare time I get and make sure I don't eat after 2pm so it doesn't effect my running. The times I have gone out in the mornings I don't have breakfast till after :)


Everyone needs a trip to the vomitorium once or twice in their running career ;-)

Good efforts on very little fuel ma'am.

Where are you running that is 100 degrees? That's not England is it!?!?

The ease of the stop button is one of my difficulties with tread mill running, I have been using the tactic of running 5k directly away from home then I basically have to run the 5k back :-) If I give up all I am doing is prolonging the agony.


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