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The worst run yet but finished week 4


Worst run yet, legs would not get into a rythm and i could not get the l right mind set. It felt like i was stuggling with the whole run but i stuck to it and was now can say that i can run for 16 minutes. (If some one said that i could run that long a couple of weeks ago, i would laugh and hide away before they could drag me out).

On to week 5 and a prayer to the running gods from better runs.

Good luck on all your runs

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Well done for sticking with it, even when it didn’t feel great. Onwards to week 5, you can do it!

Thank you for the reply and good luck running


Huge well done... when the runs test us... then you know how awesome you are !

Mouse116 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you


Well done , you can do it 💪

Mouse116 in reply to MartinKH

Thanks you and have a good run


These runs just happen sometimes; the brain and legs just refuse to communicate and it's all so much harder than it ever needed to be. Well done for toughing it out and getting to the end. As difficult as they are at the time, these are the runs that make us...

Mouse116 in reply to sTrongFuse

Finger cross for the next run and hipe tou have a good run

Mouse116 in reply to Mouse116

Sorry phone cold! hope you have a good run

Well done on sticking at it 😄

Mouse116 in reply to katem2507

Thank you


The runs that are the hardest are the huge achievements! Enjoy the feeling of pride you have totally earned, your mind is getting strong as well as your body x

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