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Week 6 this week - and Run 1 was tough - mostly because I stupidly thought that, having run 20 minutes non-stop at the end of Week 5, I could now greatly increase my pace - bad mistake! I managed to complete the run, but the last interval was more of a stagger than a run. Even though I completely realized that it was just a foolish error and if I am more sensible for R2 this week it is likely to be fine, the demons were back in my head again, rubbing their hands in glee at the possibility of me giving up. So in an attempt to drown them out and also get some stress free exercise today, I went for a swim and it was marvelous. Firstly I was happily made aware how much my endurance capacity had increased, thanks to my much improved fitness since starting C25K, and also it was a totally relaxing way exercising, no stresses and strains on any muscles or joints (maybe my shoulders will ache a bit in the morning, but that's okay). So feeling much more confident again and ready to face W6 R2 tomorrow - and I'll be sensible this time!


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  • now you know why I'm happierswimming! :)

  • Indeed!

  • I did week 6 run 2 this afternoon and I swear I had someone else' s legs attached to my body! The first 10 minute run was ok but I was ready for the 3 minute walk. The second 10 minute run was horrendous and by far the worse run of the programme so far! I am so tired tonight that I can't even think about my 25 minute run which I will be doing on Saturday. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!!! Good luck to you Annmonty xxx

  • Oh, so sorry to hear to read that you had a diificult run. You helped me so much to get through Week 5, that I wish there were some magical words to say to help you throught this week. My swim today made me realise just how much has changed in 5 weeks and am not prepared to give that up, even if there are one or two bad runs ahead. I hope you can see similar changes for yourself and that those will motivate you through your run on Saturday! Good luck! Will be wishing you lots of strength!

  • I'm a great believer in swimming to improve your lungs and stamina. When I first started swimming again after a lapse of many years all I could manage was 4 lengths at a time, then I had to have a breather. Now I can swim 108 without stopping which is 1 mile. Thise trying to lose weight, its quite a good calorie burner too.

  • Swimming used to be my main form of exercise but that was a while ago. It felt so good having the strength to swim a decent distance today, and even though it was much more enjoyable than the running, I don't think I could have improved my fitness level so much with swimming only.

  • I'm a great believer in mixing up the exercise I think your body responds better to variety, it is after all the spice of life! :)

  • 64 lengths to a mile in most pools: don't think I could do 108 without stopping because just thinking about the number would freak me out :) 64 is just right!

  • I find swimming pretty much the only exercise that I can do for a long time and not get tired out, it doesn't even feel like exercise. Wish I felt the same way about running! I think many many people make the same mistake as you with week 6, going out too fast because you're still on a high from W5/R3. Just take it easy and you'll be fine :)

  • Funny how we all stress about week 5 run 3, little realising week 6 run 1 is the one to worry about, it really knocked me for a six!

  • Maybe that can be by next goal, swimming, there you heard it here first. Have never been able to swim, something about getting my head under water really scares me ( near drowning episode once, but thats another story). With this new found freedom of running (did I really say running) I feel I can tackle anything. That will be my goal after I can run 5k.

    Good luck with your next run. :)

  • gotta get swimming, newyorker570! After c25k you can do anything! Get an instructor who will gentle you through the head -in- the- water thing an dyou'll be able to do anything! :)

  • I taught myself front crawl last year, as I only did breast stroke before and it hurst my back. But I haven't been swimming this year; I just find it too boring...

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