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OMG week 3 run 1 I did it!!

After putting it off for a day because of being too busy and a little scared that the 3 minutes would be too difficult for me but I managed it and am feeling motivated for run 2 on Friday!! My knees hurt a little when I sit on a low chair or bend down, not when I'm running or walking though! Any suggestions?? Don't want to be doing any damage! Thanks for the support I get from reading everyone's blogs on here xxx

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Well done. It's such an achievement to do that first run of week 3 (mine was on Monday). You wonder how you can possibly run for three minutes... but then you do. I have troublesome knees anyway, so I always wear knee supports when I run, or my knees would soon tell me about it. It might be an option for you? Mine are just stretchy elastic and cost me 99p each, but do exactly what I need. Prevention is better than cure, I say. If they don't recover fairly quickly, then the knee supports might also help take the strain off for a bit while they get better.


Well done you. I have my wk run 1 tommorow and I am looking forward to it but also dreading it. Congrats and keep on going lol !!!!! I shall blog my run tommorow evening.


Are you doing any stretches after the run? If not you might benefit from spending five minutes stretching the muscles out. There are loads of sites suggesting exercises and stretches. This is a link to one suggested by someone on this blogsite and it describes everything really clearly and in photos.

I get knee pains when I don't stretch, but as soon as I bother to do them the pain goes away. I hope this helps.


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