So haven't managed to run this week because of the rain I keep saying to myself it doesn't matter if you get a little wet then I talk myself out of it I've been to the gym and done my strengthening exercises but no running arghh! What do you all do on a rainy day? And what do you wear looks like it's clearing so may manage to get out in a little while fingers crossed. Don't really want to go back to running on the treadmill now I've had a taste of the outside lol


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13 Replies

  • Well if you don't run in the rain, you may as quit running altogether of stick to a tread mill. It rains pretty much all the year round in this country if you haven't noticed.

  • Oh just go and have fun. I love running in the rain x 😀

  • Give it a whirl Juski, you might like it ! :-)

    It is so refreshing running in the rain, I love it ! :-) xxx

  • I have a running jacket which keeps me a bit drier for a bit, but if you 're out for long & it gets heavier you just get pretty wet. & get used to it. It keeps you cool & focussed & it also often means you have the park, canal or streets to yourself so it's very peaceful. Give it a whirl!! X

  • Ditto to all of the above, I actually run better in the cold and rain than in the sun and warmth, and a few times lately have been praying for some cloud and rain to cool me down on some of my runs. I went out one day in torrential rain, and I remember thinking, well I can't possibly get any wetter than I am now so may as well carry on!! :D

  • Just had my first run in the rain. Not as bad as I had thought it'd be despite the fact that it was pouring down and I got completely soaked. In fact it's kind of thrilling. Made me feel like a kid again :)

  • Well I did it I just got back week 4 run 1 done the rain held of I wore my light running rain jacket for the first time although no rain I was drenched with sweat and I actually found myself wishing it had rained weird! Anyway no more using rain as an excuse I did find it tough today though x thanks everyone as always wise words and lots of support

  • Hi J

    Not sure where you are up to with c25k, but I found running in the rain in the early stages a bit unpleasant and cold, as a lot of the beginning bits have a lot of walking.

    Now I'm towards the end I actually enjoy a run in the rain. I actually don't even notice it's raining really unless it's a torrential downpour and flying into my eyes and mouth! ;-) it's a nice cooling sensation and stops you getting too hot I found.

    If you want to try rain running, I just wear my normal running clothes. Some wise person on the forum suggested a towel to dry yourself with and sit on when you get back to car - which is a good suggestion I thought :-)

  • Somebody once told me that rain is liquid sunshine! I just go and wear the same stuff. The only 2 things I change are to put my phone is a small sandwich bag in my pocket to keep it dry, and I sometimes take my glasses off - I can see better with no glasses compared to misted up, rain drop covered glasses.

  • "liquid sunshine" :) :)

  • Anyone who owns a dog knows the full brunt of UK weather- daylight, dark, hot, cold, wind, rain, sun, snow, sleet... it's just the outdoors and you can try waiting an hour to avoid the worst of it (that doesn't always work)- but rain really is just water which helps keep you cool. Just make sure not to get COLD at the end of your run. If you're travelling to and from your run location by car, the idea of keeping towels is brilliant- if you're smart enough to remember!

    Have fun!

  • I've run in light rain and it's been fine. I've yet to go out in a downpour... thinking of joining a gym over the winter so I can use their treadmills. I've been really lucky this week, my Tuesday/Thursday 6AM runs have been just before the heavens opened!

    One thing I'd recommend: try running on the road instead of the pavement. It's a lot less slippery! But watch out for cars - I stick to my quiet neighbourhood streets when it's wet, and run in the opposite direction of the traffic, so I can see them coming.

  • Love running in the rain, "The Roads are always open"

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