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Exploding calves and lungs can't beat me!

So..... Week 3 run 1, soooo tempted to postpone as I was aching from my walk and it was chucking it down, but a lovely message from legion inspired me to give it a go (thank you!)

My eldest joined me, at 22 she now works in a gym and has recently got herself fit, even running the Manchester 10k! I did warn her that she had to stay at my pace and to her credit and amusement she did.

Well the first 90 seconds was ok and the rain was very welcome, the first 3 minutes were pretty tough, especially when Laura told me I was halfway through it, I could have cried, I thought it was nearly time to walk, somehow I made it ( the 3 minute walk went MUCH quicker though, I think that Laura needs to work on her timing!)

Was managing then until the last 3 minute run. OMG! It was evil! My calves were exploding, I couldn't breathe, i really really wanted to stop, I don't know how I managed to keep going but I did! I only went and did it!!!!!!!! The funny thing was my 12 year old was out with us but he kept running ahead, by the time we got to the end he was trailing behind! The tortoise and the hare springs to mind!

Hope run 2 is a bit easier though!!!!!!

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Well done for finishing it. Its so hard to keep going when your legs hurt and you can't breath so give yourself a good pat on the back and a nice hot bath to ease those calf muscles. We will get there.


well done thats great battleing through to the end really helps build your stamina.

Rest those legs for a day and youll be great


Yay! I knew you could do it!


well done! I find it so hard to go on when my breathing goes - I'm sure my lungs aren't big enough!

I need more of your will power


Well done!


Well done. :) It sounds like your first week 3 run went much like mine. ;) It is worth persevering though, isn't it? It feels great to know that you have conquered one more run. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of week 3.


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