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Holy crapola this exercise thing really works!

I've been trying to lose weight since February (when I started C25K) and have found it very slow going. I lost around 10-15lbs in 4 months and then it stuck at the same number for ages. This past month or so I really overhauled my diet and upped the running mileage as well as more cross/strength training. I also made the decision not to step on the scales for a full 30 days as I found myself getting obsessed with the numbers and getting very disheartened when my weight fluctuated so often. So today the 30 days were up and I weighed myself - a whole 10lbs lost in a month! I could not be happier :)

I just thought I would share as I know there are people out there getting frustrated with running and lack of weight loss. It does work!

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It's amazing, isn't it? :) I weigh myself weekly and have promised myself not to remeasure (with a tape measure) until I've done a full month of c25k. I know I've toned/reduced my measurements as I can feel the difference, but I don't want to know by how much yet! I've lost 8lbs in my first two weeks, which I didn't expect, although I have made huge improvements to my diet too. I think it just goes to show how slugglish my metabolism was and how beneficial exercise is. I love c25k!


Well done on you're weight loss that's great :) I know I should take measurements too but I don't even own a tape measure. I have been taking progress photos just for myself (nobody else is getting to see me in my pants lol) and found them to be really encouraging as it can be hard to see the difference when you see yourself in the mirror every day. Good luck with the rest of C25K sounds like you're really enjoying it.


it's true that running doesn't use many calories, but it sounds as if you are also engaged in building muscle and running longer (which will also build muscle) and muscle is hungry and will use calories. It also sounds as if you are growing in confidence (it take confidence to ignore the scales for a month!) which I think is one of the great advantages of c25k. Way to go Rose885! Enjoy your running :)


Thank you so much :) Yes it has defiantly helped incorporating the strength training and longer runs. I know it is probably mostly down to diet but the exercise is something I really enjoy and it keeps me focused on the overall healthy lifestyle instead of the mindset that it's a diet that I'll only do for a short time.


Well done you , I thought you were looking very slim, trim and extremely fit on Saturday when I saw you. Its good that you have put the scales away too, a body can get very obsessed with weighing and then when the numbers don't appear that they want to see it becomes disheartening. I'm a great believer in the good old tape measure, it tells a much truer story.

Keep up the good work of training for your 1/2M will look forward to hearing how you get on.


Thanks! I saw a friend yesterday that I haven't seen in about a month and the first thing she said was "you've lost weight" be fair I'm sure she always says this even when I haven't but it was nice all the same. I really should get a tape measure but afraid I would get obsessive with that too. I will be trying my same tactic for another month and see how it goes.


Well done with the weight loss! It's taken 12 months for me to lose 9 lbs but then my goal was to reduce from 15st 3lbs to 14 st so I'm more than happy with that. The weighing monthly is a good routine to get into as it stops you from getting anxious about your weight.

I always say that its not about numbers its how you look and how you feel!

I like to think that it has taken years to be the weight I am now and so it will take a similar period of time to lose the excess.

Good luck to everyone!


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