This thing just works - Go For It ( I did )

Back at the start of May I got sick."it's just a cold" my wife said (it was actually Man Flu! :-) ) Anyway, it knocked me for six. I was 45 years old, unfit, a little overweight and hadn't exercised for a good few years. I felt like I was losing my health and was at a crossroads where I could continue downhill or do something about it. Now the truth was I had no motivation, I couldn't see any option but to continue the slide. Then, I found the C25K website by pure chance (or someone was looking over me). Four months later and I am running three times per week. After graduating a month ago I thought that without the pressure to complete the course I would falter. I have maintained the discipline to run three times a week. Today I achieved 5k in 30m40s. I kept running as I was feeling good and hit 6k in 36m09s. With warmup and cool down added I did 7k in 45m. This isn't Mo Farrer. I am not an athlete I am a middle aged bloke with a busy life and stressful job C25K has given me back my self confidence and dignity. New clothes a size smaller, feeling better than I have for years, it has been a revelation. If you are wondering whether or not to give this a go then just do it, take the plunge, you will NOT regret it.

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  • A heartfelt and very honest analysis. I'm where you were back in May and I particularly relate to the bit about being a middle aged bloke with a busy life. Well done, really, your achievement is worthy of respect and I aim to achieve the same in time.

  • It is such a cliche here "if I can do then you can" but that really really is the case. I am nothing but an "Ordinary Joe" I never thought I could do it and to be honest couldn't be bothered to try. This place inspired me and the folks here are so so supportive. I thought if my little yarn inspired one more person to give it a go and succeed then it is worth posting. The power of not feeling alone, getting some encouragement on the good days as well as the tough days is invaluable. I feel duty bound to help others as others have helped me.

  • By the way Mr Chewy, GO FOR IT!!!! You can, you will and you will surprise yourself.

  • I totally agree with Chewy; great blog!! I only started today and I'm doing it for exactly the same reasons you stated. I give up so much of my life to my work and I feel as though my youth and certainly my fitness are ebbing away with every deadline I have to meet. I'm finally doing something worthwhile for me and your post has only made me more determined to see this through. Good luck and continued happy running :)

  • Good man Fraz Give it your best & be selfish We always feel ashamed if we put ourselves first. So I say stuff it. Get yourself fit and you will benefit but so will everyone else around you from partners, to kids, to the boss (you have more energy in work - really!)

  • I spent a week reading lots of posts on here before I did my first Week 1 run/walk last night. Each and every one I have read has given me the motivation to start (in my opinion the hardest bit). So. hopefully in 9 or so weeks time I will be writing a similar post as yours. Congrats on turning your life around and thank you for the inspiration :)

  • Reading your post got me motivated again, middle aged bloke doesn't have much time and going to seed (that's me by the way) got as far as week 4 before I stopped, got a cold then didn't restart, tried starting again at week 4 and felt it!! Gonna start again from scratch and make sure I make the time

  • Travel bug and Grat - do it! The way I see it as a middle aged bloke is, I am going to eat rubbish, drink a lot and enjoy my life whilst I have the time. But 90 mins per week investment in a bit of jogging balances the books. No need to be a Saint, but. It is a leveller. Therefore worth he effort. Bonus is that once you make some progress it becomes a rollercoaster which you don't want to get off! You actually start to enjoy it. Go for it lads!

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