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W9R1 - Strangely easy?

Just completed W9R1 and found it strangely easy? I didn't like W8 at all but today I enjoyed it, don't know if was the time of day, a good nights sleep, the weather (raining by the way) or that I had eaten well and fuelled my body right but I could have gone on and on.

First 10 mins was ok then the MP3 player battery went so it was just me and the heavy breathing.!! Second 10 mins was ok but the last 10 mins I felt so strong it was amazing.

I also had my first encounter with the dreaded JOGGERS NIPPLE..!!! OUCHHHHHH..!!!!!

Must be the wet clothes from the rain, bleeding and everything..!!

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Ow! That's the first I've heard of that one - must be very painful. I'm sure lots of people will have comments on what to do. Well done anyway for doing w9r1. I did that this morning too. The end is in sight, isn't it? It was "easy" for me too. I'm now starting to think about distance instead of just time. Good for us!


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