Glorious morning, not a breath of wind, warm sun, 9 degrees – nearly left my hoodie behind (am I pleased I didn’t :o )! Had a bit of a dodgy knee since bike ride on Friday :( , but have been doing stretches all weekend.

Winston was keen to get out this morning as it's been too wet this weekend for the dogs to mooch about outside all day.

As usual first 10 mins were a shock to the system, then got into a nice (slow) rhythm Knee was clicking and it tried to worm its way into my head, but I closed it off. Didn’t particularly hurt anyway. Then Hip started whingeing! ‘Bog off’ I thought, ‘there’s nowt wrong with you either’!!! :x I slowed down a bit more just in case I couldn’t keep the ‘moaners’ at bay. By 20 mins, neither Knee nor Hip were moaning on anymore, but I kept at same pace anyway. Had a particular land mark I wanted to reach by 30 mins, so had to run about another minute to get there. But hey, slow and steady, got there. Legs heavy but not as jellified as last week, lungs and breathing absolutely fine - really looking forward to seeing what my next asthma review shows.

I know I'm not going to be reaching 5k in 30 mins in the next couple of runs, but running for over 30 mins is a big enough milestone for me :D !

Bearing in mind that 8 weeks ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds, the fact that I can run for more than 30 minutes is mind blowing! Also just got my 1 stone badge over on the Weight Loss Forum - gotta be easier to run minus that weight :) !

Had a 75 minute walk back home, by which time, the clouds had rolled in, the easterly breeze had got up, and the temp had dropped to 4 degrees - so pleased I had my hoodie and pom pom hat on!

2 more runs and then I’ll be on that podium with all the others! Come on you W9ers! Hope there’s some Party Rings to celebrate with…xx


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21 Replies

  • Well done :) those niggles do try don't they, I had a bit of hip twinge for a short time this morning, nothing major and sure enough it went away without any recurrences. If you bring the Party Rings I'll bring the Jammy Dodgers :) We can do it ;)

  • Hip twinge or hip whinge!!! We sure can do it because we ARE doing it!!! Hope the weather holds up...xx

  • Nearly there now!

    Big celebrations this weekend.

  • I have ordered myself a new telephonic device as my treat for shedding 1 stone, and graduating (hopefully) in the same week...xx

  • Well deserved too.

    No doubt about graduating after running through snow, gales and rain.

  • Oh ANEWME2017, well done. We're both stepping up to the podium this week and I am super delighted with your race report.

    Isn't it funny how much more confident this programme has made you feel and your attitude to those gremlins (bog off!) I love it 😀

    Keep going McFitty has the party arrangements in hand for sure. I'll be there cheering you on with the other members of this forum. Xx

    Ps - how do I get your names to highlightwhen I type them🤔 simple instructions please!

  • Cool CJ24 ! When are you doing your runs?

    Just type @ before the name and it comes up...xx

  • Thanks @ANewMe2017, W9R3 tomorrow morning - can't wait ☺ xx

  • What am I the wrong - still not highlighted🙄

  • so type CJ24 and a box comes up with the name in and just choose it...xx

  • ANewMe2017 by jove I've only gone and done it! BIG THANKS xx

  • Well we do just keep on surprising ourselves don't we :p ...xx

  • Well done. I'm nowhere near 5k in 30 minutes...closer to 3k (2 miles exactly), but I am running for 30 minutes now and can't wait to get on the podium either (fingers crossed that will happen Saturday).

    Slow and steady wins in the end.

  • Remember when 60 seconds was all that we could do...xx

  • I remember that! I was so exhausted with every second that passed and wondered how on earth I would cope with 90 seconds at a time, haha. Now I can run for 10 minutes without realising I'm running...how amazing are we all?

  • NickiCS don't worry about the distance, celebrate that you are now able to run for 30 mins and think of how much better you are at running today compared with week 1.

    Well, we're sure going to have a great graduation ceremonies this week. #bringiton🎉🎉💃💃

  • Well. It sounds like the antisocial weather was all down here today. When it wasn't hailing it was raining and when it stopped raining it started hailing again - even an hour after the last hailstorm the ground was littered with them!

    Many congratulations on your 1 stone badge - knew you'd nail it though.

    Fingers crossed for another glorious day on Wednesday.

  • Thanks ever so!!! Snowing up here yesterday afternoon but didn't last. Weather looks good for tomorrow - will you be running?...xx

  • Yes, Wednesday and then Friday for the final run.

    Need to sort out what I'm going to do next week ....

  • Same as me! Yes we still need things to aim for. Will download the 5k+ podcasts over the weekend and see what they're like. And............drum roll please............I might try the nearest parkrun in Darlington on the last Saturday in March - I repeat might :o ...xx

  • Well done A New Me... and you did get your Stone certificate..well done for that too😊

    Yes running for 30 mins is a great acheivement... amazing and satisfactory.. so be proud of yourself and get to that podium with a big grin.

    Go you.xxx

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