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Wk 9 run 3 Just completed :)

Or was it week 10 run 1. So do we have to run 3 times in one week in order to graduate? only the run before todays was last Tuesday when I failed the run, my last 30 minute run was a week last Sunday. I've been on a long weekend walking so couldn't run, today was the first opportunity. I was a bit nervous as I couldn't complete last time, but decided to take a different route and went back to Laura and I managed it.. :)

Yeh so pleased never thought I would manage it. I'm never going to be a marathon runner that i know, I have more respect than ever for them now, but hope to keep up the fitness 2 or 3 times a week. :) :)

Good Luck everyone If I can do it anyone can.

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Well done! It's an amazing thing isn't it?! Now you need to go get your badge! ;-)




Congratulations! Sounds like you graduated to me. :)


Congratulations that's great news!! You're a runner! :)

I've done 2 30 min runs, next one Fri but I did it in 6 weeks not 9 can I still graduate after Friday's run? Couldn't have done it without c25K...........


Well I actually cheated a little too and did it in 7 weeks, I missed out the first 2 weeks, so yes you can graduate too. :)


Hooray! Thanks Lizzyca - well done to you too :)


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