PB at the RFL Hastings!

PB at the RFL Hastings!

Brilliant morning in Hastings Race for life! Met up with two other C25Kers; Icandothis and Icandothistoo, which was really great!! :)

I started near to the front because I knew it was going to be muddy and I kept going really well, with lots of cheerers not surprisingly the motivation stays up! Sadly a girl collapsed in front of me at about 4k and I ran back to get a marshall whilst others put her into the recovery position. I continued on and as I reached the finishing line I looked up at the time and it was still saying 27 minutes something so I sprinted to get my personal best of 27.43 :) :) (I SO wanted to get under 28 minutes!)

I cheered Icandothis and Icandothistoo over the line and gave them a well desrved hug! and was really proud that we had done it!

I later cheered on a mother from my daughters school. She had lost her little daughter at the age of 7 and it did bring a tear to see her there as you can imagine.

Not your typical Sunday morning!

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  • Absolutely fantastic!! Well done you! A lovely photo too! Really pleased for you!

  • Thank you!

    I forgot to say that I enquired after the girl who had collapsed and she was alright, had recovered and had made it to the finish line :)

  • Amazing!

  • Really well done! and fantastic finish time , I found my RFL such a moving event too....would'nt it be a wonderful thing to do a fund-raiser of some with other C25Kers in the future? maybe we can combine it with our meet up in September, i feel a message to admin coming on.. :)

  • Excellent. What a fantastic finishing time. A pat on the back for helping the other lady and I wonder what your time would have been if you hadn't stopped!!?? But it's great that even though you did stop you still got a PB! Well done!

  • well done you - what a fantastic time!

  • Excellent, TJ! You must have been FLYING to still get a PB after your detour! I'm soooo happy for you! And I'm very glad to see the girl recovered and finished...and that ICanDoThis (1&2) are both still running.

    Love the idea of a "group" event....wouldn't I just HAVE to find passage to be there....

  • Ahhhh..it turns out that the course was 4.7k! (Icandothis garmin result!)Still, there was a lot of slowing down for mud and puddles, so does that count for .3k ? ;)

  • lol...does in MY book, anyway! fell running should get more points!

  • brilliant time. well done. thats absolutely fantastic!!

  • Wow, well done you!!! That's an incredible time, especially as you stopped to help somebody :-) Sounds like a great morning, and yes, they are very moving. Ours was cancelled as the route is under water and moved to September now.

  • Oh, that's brilliant, very well done. Glad the girl who collapsed is ok too.

  • Yes, so was I, but there was another collapsed girl who had to go off in an ambulance I believe.

  • I find my Garmin always shows up slightly short on my ParkRuns. it can be a bit out if you have sharp bends I believe as its only accurate to 5 metres or something.

    Super time Theresa well done.


  • Oooh this makes me feel better!

    Thanks Greg :)

  • Thanks Greg, i was annoyed when i realised it was not the 5k

  • Well done to all of you! Brilliant pic too :)

  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, wonderful time TJ good to hear the girl you helped made a complete recovery and was able to finish too.

  • Doesn't it make you feel great doing the Race for Life? You will be on a high for the next few days.

  • I think I will! I managed to raise £200 with just a few emails too so that really gave me a sense of achievement :) I am SO looking forward to the half marathon now, but maybe not the training ;)

  • Brilliant time TJ. Glad the girl you helped made it to the finish line. It is a very emotional event and so worthwhile. Good luck with the half marathon training. :)

  • Blimey what a great time! What a good Samaritan you are too. Sure the HM will be a doddle ;)

  • Fantastic time Theresa!

  • Well done again Theresa, it was great to meet you, and wow what an amazing time you ran. :)

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