I am one of those people who HAS to worry about everything. It's my late Dad's fault. I've inherited the "Jaysus son, it moight not go well" gene. But today's 10K race went brilliantly - despite said gene. I really was thinking that it would be too hard and I just wasn't up to it, but the planets lined up to ensure I'd be fine. That, as well as support from the one and only C4TS who made the incredible sign'age in the picture!!

Turbotortoise was also running but I didn't see her until the end. Still, it was great to see her once again and we both had a good moan about the hideously strong, cold headwind that almost destroyed us between K8 and K9.

I had arrived by car, parked up nearby, registered and got my number. Back to the car to turn on the heater and snooze whilst listening to the radio. Mrs Dan texted me to wish me good luck and to ask what food I wanted on my return home? I told her I'd let her know once I'd finished. After a lazy snooze sesh in the car it was time to go for a warm up walk. The vibe at the start was great - lots of cheery peeps all smiling. There was a lady "presenter" whose voice was amplified by a PA system and who kept asking "Anyone nervous? No? Who's nervous?" - Not me, I thought! Once I was warmed up I saw C4TS (from this very forum) who had trained it down from Dumfries to take part in tomorrows 10K in Kew. We had a good old natter and before long I was in the pen, waiting to start. The cold weather was making everyone shiver violently and we waited for what seemed like an age for the start to happen. So much for my "warm up" beforehand. I was now freezing with everyone else. But not to worry......we were off.

I have to say that the first wave which I was part of started off at a very fast pace. The first K, then the second then the third were demolished far too quickly for my liking - 5'50 / 5'34 / 5'08 respectively, but I was kind of dragged along with it all and hoped I could last the distance. We reached our first turning point at K4 and I began to feel the huge effort I'd put in thus far. There were a lot of heavy breathers today and one of them was a lady who followed me for 3.5K trying to get past, but I refused to give in! It kept me going I have to say and I completed K4 in 5'28 - so a bit slower. K5 was slower too at 5'34, but somehow I managed to keep pushing my body to the limit (didn't somebody write a rather good song about that?). K6 was faster and K7 faster still, because I looked at my watch at K7 and it read 36 minutes. This was the fastest I'd ever run 7K. Surely a PB was on the cards, n'est pas?

Towards K8 we went past the START/FINISH line and it was here that I suddenly saw C4TS with her banner!! I tried to call out, but I was too out of puff to make any sort of noise, but I laughed so hard when I saw it! It gave me more impetus to try and demolish K8. I was sure I was almost walking speed now as I felt destroyed with tiredness. The heavy breather lady had managed at last to pass me and was making good ground ahead of me. I'd never catch her up again. A guy with chunky calves passed me and HE was going fairly slow, so I thought I'd try and conserve a bit of energy for the final K.

OH! And to cap it all, this INTENSE wind blew across the Thames right into our faces, forcing us backwards almost. WOW that was HARD to get through, but despite this K8 came in at 5'22?? How did that happen?

K9 was turn around point 2 - the race for the finish line. HEavy breather lady in coral coloured top was miles ahead of me so I couldn't pick her off. I selected another candidate to try and use as a target to beat. Chunky Calves Man was about 100m ahead of me. It would be HE who's spirit I would take and CRUSH beyond existence! Muuuwaaahha haaaaaaaa!!!!!! He was the chosen one.

People around me were tiring fast.....except for one grey haired gentleman, far superior in years to me, whose footfall sounded like a train coming through. He passed me and about 30 others at a speed I could only marvel at for this point in the race. It had been a fast 10K so far for me and to see this dude charge past on the home straight gave me a boost.

"I too can be GREAT!" I told myself. "I shall go forth and put on a big spurt!" (of KNOW what I meant!)

K9 was the hardest & slowest at 5'51 but it was now over. The final K was still to come and I was starting it right now. I grew about three inches in height, quickened my stride and produced more steps per pound. I raised my feet up as I tore forwards and the speed suddenly came. Chunky Calves Man was left for dust and I heard a grunt of annoyance as I flew past him. I could see the finish line ahead. The sheer effort of this was draining me but I kept charging for the line. Another target ahead of me - a tired looking lady just about to enter the finishing funnel towards the line. "You're mine baby!" I said to myself and ran EVEN FASTER! 20m to go and there was C4TS once again with her DAN Z BANNER! The woman on the microphone was excited as she babbled "This guys finishing strong. This is a TV finish! Well done" - and I crossed the line - F***ING EXHAUSTED! I looked at my watch and grinned a cheeky grin......This can't be right surely?

Met up with C4ts and Emma, who had JUST finished as well and we had a natter, before all saying goodbye and making our way to our various destinations.

The jacuzzi was already filled when I got home. Mrs Dan had got it ready for me and I got in and had a long soak in the bubbly water to relieve the tension in my legs. Afterwards I demolished two sausages, a fried egg on toast, baked beans and a cup of rosy lea before checking my time on the website......

54'34. A PB which I was absolutely thrilled about. In fact I had thought it might be a tad quicker cos of my own timing from my watch - but then I remembered I forgot to press "START" on it until the first minute in!! But I am SO DAMNED HAPPY with that time. WOWZA.

Now I am stiff. So a session on my big pink foam roller is in order. Oh! One other thing....

I brought tissues today and had TWO GLORIOUS BLOWS mid run. YAY!

It doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks for reading.

Yer pal



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  • I love your commentaries, Dan! Didn't you do well! You sound like a fighter pilot, picking off the enemy with a well-placed burst of fire! :) Great time!

  • Cheers John! Appreciate that.

  • Great blog Dan, well done for getting a PB. 10k is quite something I am only up to 7k at present but will eventually get there, but I don't see me getting anywhere near your time, well done go get em! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • If you're at 7K already (as I was for months on end) - the step to 10K is extremely do'able. You'll make it and that's a definite.

  • Great stuff Dan. Another entertaining, nay, laugh-out-loud post to cheer up a frustrated would be runner confined to the IC. After all your anxiety earlier in the week you go and pull a cracking PB out of the bag. Very well done m'dear. Gotta feel a wee bit sorry for Chunky Calves Man and Tired Looking Lady but all's fair in love and races! Hope the legs are feeling ok after such heroic exertions. Bring on the foam roller :)

  • Thanks AM. Hope that IC isn't too stressful. Feeling really good today, 24hrs after the event and my foam roller has big dents in it now!

  • Love your post Dan, what a great race for you and a super fast time. I had visions of your Jacuzzi being full of people and you coming along and saying 'oi out of there, don't you know what I've just done- just run my socks off, everybody out!' I do wonder how my mind works at times! Anyway, blimmin well done to you and how lovely to have your very own banner of support x :-)

  • N-e you have an extremely vivid imagination!! Hahaha!

  • Great report on a great run. Well done Dan.

    Bet those sausages and eggs tasted good!

  • Corrr, not 'arf they did!

  • Fantastic dan! :) what a great time too, reckon C4ts's banner did the trick, what a lovely gesture! :) after all you worries you did it so well and a PB to boot :) that must call for a G and T surely! Congratulations, great post too! :)

  • As I read your post last night I was in fact sipping a G&T! Amazeballs!

  • Amazeballs indeed, last time you mentioned it i was supping one too! spooky! :)

    hope you enjoyed it!

  • See we told you didn't we? Fab report and brilliant time Dan. Many congratulations. Enjoy your session with the foam roller.

  • Yer feckin' did tell me! Jaysus oim an awful eedjit sometimes!

  • Ha! Knew it would be great despite your disappointing run earlier in the week! Well done on a great race and superb time Dan!

  • Thank you ullyrunner. Most kind.

  • Great run report Dan. I feel as though I was there with you! Just maybe you have inspired me to one day run a 10k............

  • I bloomin' well hope so. 10K is a terrific distance to challenge you. I have such respect for those on this forum who've done half marathons and even more awe for those who have done or are training for, a full marathon. However conquering 10K is an almighty feat of mental strength as well as physical fitness and at aged 51 I'm actually thinking that maybe a half M might be within my grasp......

    So go and conquer the 10K soon!

  • Thinking I may have to too!!!!

  • C4ts was AMAZING! She could well create a business where she travels around the country with her banners yelling support from the sidelines! Good idea.

  • Wow brilliant brilliant brilliant. I knew you could do it. I like the idea of a jacuzzi afterward. Note to oneself. Gotta get a jacuzzi for tired legs after run. i doubt I'd ever have the dosh for one but I can dream. Well done Danzago

  • Thank you AP. Very much appreciated. The jacuzzi was a "must have" when I refitted our bathroom a couple of years ago. Very decadent but oh SO LOVELY!

  • Fantastic run Dan, well done. I so love your posts. Good to read that everything came good in the end for your 10k race :)

  • Cheers Zev. Appreciate that.

  • Dan, that took me longer to read , than for you to run it. Flying now!!!.......I wonder, if I had some super inserts in my shoes, could I.........

  • I do write extremely long posts. I think they should come with one of those warnings like they do on TV whenever there's flash photography -

    "warning. this post contains more than 140 characters!" (or summat like that)

    Thanks IT.

  • Brilliant Dan, loved reading it :)

  • Aww fanks maite!

  • That sounds like a blast!!!!! Well done Dan the Man Zargo! I can picture you picking them runners off one by one, like the running ninja you are. Great time too. You must be well chuffed. Home to a jacuzzi and a cooked brekky. You are surely blessed young man

  • I AM blessed! Thanks MW for your kind words.

  • Great run report...well done!

  • Kapow! Thanks.

  • Aaaagh how brilliant!! Add this post to your book will you!!! Well done you!! Fan bloody tastic pet!!!! Love the photo too!!! Hope you are now relaxed and chilled and wearing your medal?!

  • Hahaha! Add it to my book?! Hilarious pet! Had an extremely boozy evening devouring one of Mrs Dans 4 course gourmet dinners with some friends at home. Now feeling hungover, but it was worth it....

  • Sounds great! You deserved it!!! When's the next race?!

  • Sounds fab!! Well done and a great post as always Dan. That has cheered me up before my event tomorrow.

    Your post race treat sounds fab too!! I am bit jealous of the sandwich - the sausages here aren't the same as home.

  • You should get AMAZON to deliver you some sausages. Pork and apple. Phwwwooaaarrr!

  • If only, books where enough of a challenge only 26 days until I board that flight. I can't wait to land in the UK.

  • Well done Mr Dan! Excellent PB time! And how lovely of c4ts to come out banner a-waving! Chunky calves and tired lady must have been peeved that you shot past them like a rocket but hey should have left something in the tank! Enjoy your foam roller! You deserve it! And well done again xxxx

  • Tganks TJ that's extremely decent of you. Cheers.

  • Ha ha Well done Dan ! Another fab post and a PB too !

    You are on fire, Dan the Man ! :-) xxx

  • Haha! Brilliant! Well done on your PB Dan, (and your two glorious blows) :D xx

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