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Hastings Race for Life -- today

well our big day was here, icandothis and I (icandothistoo) ran the race for life this morning both feeling very nervous, but we both completed it in record times so are feeling very proud of ourselves. Met up with a fellow C25K who also ran extremely well, nice to met other C25Kers.

As I am suffering with Anemia found breathing quite short, has anyone got any tips to try to improve my breathing, have been put on iron tablets but still struggling.

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Well done both of you.

I've been having to take iron supplements too for the past few weeks. I've also been struggling with my breathing, gasping for breath a lot of the time. I did some research over the last couple of days to try and find tips before my race today. I concentrated on belly breathing - pushing my belly out as I breathed in and pulling my belly in as I breathed out. I breathed on a count of 1-2-3 in time with my feet hitting the ground. Although it doesn't yet come naturally and I lost my rhythm a few times, it made a tremendous amount of difference. I hadn't quite run as far as 10k before and not only did I finish but my average pace was better than it has been for weeks. I'm thinking of doing a few 20 minutes sessions each week on my cross trainer just to try and concentrate on the breathing until it come more naturally.


well done to you both :)


Thanks for that, I'll give it a go , perhaps I'll try it at the gym on treadmill when I go to the gym next week. I'd not heard of that before, but sounds worth trying. Are you also Anemic, well done you for improving your average pace. now that i've done the race for life 5k I want to increase the distance but the breathing problem puts me off.


I have times of being anaemic due to heavy periods - I had the contraceptive injection at the end of May in an attempt to control them but I am now on about day 22 of a heavy period, hence the need for iron supplements. I'm pretty sure my struggling with my breathing and energy levels are affected by this. The "belly breathing" seems to help - experiment with the counting to find what is most comfortable for you. I started off trying 1-2-3-4 but didn't feel I was getting enough air so changed to 1-2-3.


It was great to meet you and well done on your brilliant time! I have suffered with anemia in the past, and it is really a struggle to do anything physical, so it is amzing that you completed today in such a good time. Todays conditions were really muggy so breathing was a problem; as at least two that I know of actually collapsed :(

Enjoy your evening and well done!


Well done to all of you :)

I'm suffering with anaemia and hyperthyroid at the moment and breathing (or lack of) is my biggest issue right now. I only started the meds on Friday so ive a few more days of taking them before i will see any improvements. Because of this I plan to run/walk Wednesdays 10k race with intervals of 5:1. I'm hoping this will get me through without too much discomfort.

I beat myself up over not being able to run 30 minutes anymore, due to gasping for air and dizziness, until I found out why. Now I've taken the pressure off myself and run as much as I'm comfortable with and then walk till I recover. I found me being anxious over not being able to perform just heightened the symptoms so, I suggest just going easy on yourself.

I think the only way is to try the in 1234, out 1234 and try to stay as relaxed as possible. Oh and the belly breathing helps me too.


Well done both of you :) I remember hearing somewhere to take Vitamin C with iron tablets as that helps the body absorb iron more easily - sure someone here can verify?


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