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I've done it!

I have finally graduated this morning! I can't quite believe I have managed to run for 30 minutes this week, and also run 5k twice (33.45 and 33.57).

I normally run 3 times a week; mon, weds and fri but was so excited about finishing I went out first thing this morning. The sun was out and I warmed up very quickly - looking like a tomato for most of the way around.

Onwards and upwards! The plan is now to continue the 5k 3 times a week and try out a park run over the 'summer'. How does everyone else stay motivated after Laura and the programme?

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Well done! I'm impressed with your 5K times. Having graduated on Friday, I'm currently trying to get to 5K in 30 mins. I ran intervals this morning and will see how far I can get in 30 minutes on Tuesday. I'm still using the podcasts for the time being...


Congratulations, ery well done your 5K times are really good. Do try Parkrun they will help keep you motivated. Try and set your self a challenge for perhaps reduccing your time, mixing up the types of runs you do will help you there until the new Podcasts come out. (due this month) The other challenge would be to work towards the longer run of 10K but thats perhaps a bit too soon for you to think about just yet. Just enjoy the success of completing the C25K, don't forget to send John a message (JR21) who will see you get your Graduate badge. Nice post to come down to read this Sunday morning, I love reading about other peoples achievements.


Thank you Miss and oldgirl - I am so chuffed :) - everyone is still in bed here and so you are the first to know! I am going to formulate a plan to keep me going. I have never been very good at sticking at things which is why this is such an acheivement for me but I have thoroughly enjoyed this programme and I will not let all my hard work slide.

This is the new, healthier, more active me :)


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Fantastic news!! Well done, now keep up your good work. Enjoy your graduation day!! :)


I am much the same about sticking to things - especially as I started this due to my 17 year old saying she wanted to get fit - she came out once! I think reading how everyone else is getting on and reading about the people that are at about the same stage as me has really helped. Its like I don't want to let myself down.

Well done to you.

Tomorrow I start W9 - I am no where near 5K tho which is a little worrying - must work on it!


Wow congrats and what fantastic times. I graduated a few weeks ago and my best is about 38 mins. Well done and you should be proud :)


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