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Week 4 started and I survived!!

Yesterday I found myself leaving the house in a very nervous state, how could I manage with week 4. I had been sneaky at the end of week 3 and had a quick listen to the start of the next podcast, my excuse is that it starts automatically at the end of my week 3 run!! But leave the house I did, with some new bits my OH's dad had got me for my birthday (one of those real runners bottles with the whole in the middle to make it easy to carry!!!).

I could have used my late arrival at home last night as an excuse, we are down to one car and I had to ferry the OH to football and back and really did not fancy running in the centre of Leicester, too many people from work live there and I really do like the route I use. So used the time for a bit of retail therapy, and coffee and cake, and went out as soon as we got back.

I can now say I am not sure what I was worried about. Ok, it is not easy and the last 60 secs of the run was more like a slug (plenty of them about to compare to!!) than a hare but I have done it. Now according to Laura I have run more than I walked and can still walk this morning. I am not sure how they do it but C25K really works, Laura encourages just when you need it, the jumps between weeks might seem huge but aren't that bad when you do them and these blogs really help (I may not have posted much recently but I have read nearly everything!).

It is also really nice when you Mum turns to you and says she can see the difference in me since I started doing this, I thought the shrinking thighs was just in my imagination.....

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hello FluffyPigeon and well done! Isn't it amazing how Laura knows just what to say- you've run more than you walked, now you're a runner and so on- gotta love it :) You'll soon have your mum joining in and you've already got people buying you presents for a real runner: I'd say c25k has been a great success and you've achieved more than you thought possible. Keep blogging, we all want to know how you get on :)


It's nice to hear other people have sneak peeks and are a bit anxious. I certainly am about week 3! I am NOT a natural but feel energised and positive after running (jogging!) and as I just said to Jimbob on another blog, we have to trust the programme to get us there. Good luck!


Well done fluffypigeon & thanks for posting - I'm starting week 4 on Monday & am rather apprehensive, reading this makes me feel a bit braver.


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