Half Marathon in 3 days - Help!!

My half marathon is on Saturday and up until 2 weeks ago I was feeling prepared but then life got in the way and my training fell by the wayside slightly. I only managed 2 x 30min runs last week while I was on holiday and my last long run was 18km about 4 weeks ago. I haven't been able to do anything this week not even cross training because I've caught a bad cold. I'm feeling slightly better today but I'm just praying I'll be fully recovered by Saturday! Having asthma if I have even a slight cough or cold it can really affect my breathing. I'm going to be so hacked off if I end up not being able to run after months of training :(

I'm trying to get lots of early nights and taking cold & flu medicine, not sure what else I can do. I would really like to get a small run in but not sure if its a good idea and its getting close now.

I was aiming to finish in 2:30 or less or I would at least like to be able to run the entire race without walking. I guess I'll just need to hope for the best and see how I feel on the day. I'm just going to be so disappointed if I'm not feeling 100% and have a crap race :(


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10 Replies

  • Good luck from me!

    I haven't got any tips because I haven't done a half before but keep positive: I'm sure it'll be an experience you'll never forget :D

  • Thanks TJ, yes I think it'll be an experience I'll never forget one way or the other!

    How is your ankle now? Are you still running your half?

  • Dont' worry too much my brother in law's preparation recently was 6 runs of about 8-10 miles before he did the great Scottish run half marathon 2 weeks ago. His time was 1.53.

    He has done half marathons before, but not for over a year.

    Good luck Rose, you can do it.

  • Your bro in law sounds very fit! This is my first attempt so just worried about what to expect more than anything but thanks for the reassurance, hopefully my fitness won't have suffered too much.

  • Rose885,

    Commiserations on getting the cold etc just as you were getting there! 18K (over 11 miles) four weeks ago was a very respectable distance. In the last couple of weeks before any big race you are supposed to taper off your training so you will not be a huge way off. I wouldn't go out and do anything at this point, you need to save your strength if you are going to persist in going ahead!

    As regards your cold/asthma etc; just be careful that you have taken your meds if you have any before the run, and that you have your reliever with you if necessary. There is no shame in walking - I walked (briskly!) up some very steep hills in my half marathon and still made a time of 2.20. I'd only made it as far as ten miles in my training before I did it and tapered for over a week before hand.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and remember, if it doesn't work out, your training has not been wasted; you have a baseline of fitness that can still be built on and then you'll be ready for the NEXT half marathon!


  • Hi Carole thank you for the kind words, I know there's no shame in walking and I've heard of people walking when they get to water stations which I might consider since I've never been good at the running and drinking simultaneously thing :D I'm not sure how many hills there are but there's a few off road sections which might be a challenge. Your half time was great and you did it even with the unfortunate dog incident so I'm feeling very reassured by that! My cold seems to be subsiding now but still a bit of a cough, will take my inhaler and see how it goes. It's all experience at the end of the day and not like I'm hanging up my running shoes yet, there will be other opportunities when I'm in better health. :)

  • Ah you remembered the dog incident - do you know I nearly titled that half marathon blog The Unfortunate Incident of the Dog in the Daytime! Never fallen since and never had any trouble with dogs since; so I guess it's all saving itself up for the next half somewhere!

    Let us know how you get on!


  • Welcome back Rose885, hope that lovely man of yours took you somewhere nice for your holiday. Really sorry to hear you have caught a cold, planes are the worst place for germs.

    Have you tried steam inhilation, with some Albas oil added really helps to clear your tubes, don't go outside after doing it though, just before bedtime with a hot drink is the best time. If you need to get out why not go down to the beach and do a brisk walk at least it will help keep your legs supple and may help to clear your head.

    Wishing you and your mum etc all the very best for Saturday's run, look forward to hearing how you've all got on.

  • Yes Italy was lovely, lots of good food and wine! I'm pretty sure it was the plane, there was someone coughing and spluttering a few rows behind me and I started getting a scratchy throat then. I did the steam and albas oil thing last night and far less sniffily today, the cough is the main worry now. The temperature has dropped all of a sudden this week so not sure if that's helping! Thank you for the encouragement will let you know how we get on xx

  • best of luck, hope it goes real well.

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