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Half marathon training

Hi everyone!

I haven't been on the forum for a long time. I found it so helpful while I completed couch to 5k so I'm hoping I'm going to find it helpful now!

In September I'm doing a half-marathon. When I signed up o was still running two 10kms a week and increasing my distance regularly. I actually managed 17km in January.

However, work and a house move and a new puppy have got in the way and I'm now down to probably two runs a fortnight if no more than 5km each.

I've got a training programme and I'm confident there's time to get back up to distance, I just need my passion for running back! Has anyone had this slump?

Janey x

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I've slumped many times over the past four years since I first started running, but always come back to it. I can absolutely sympathise with the puppy disruption - we got two pups 14 months apart. Now that even the younger one is over a year old, life is so much easier again, and she's becoming a good running companion.

Keep going out, keep running, and the fun will come back. Especially having something to train for, the improvements week on week should light the spark again...


Absolutely! I am sure you will find your mojo again. Which HM are you doing? By the way are you aware of the marathon/half marathon forum group?



Welcome back! Pop over to the Bridge to 10k group too if you want.

There's also a Marathon one, but I don't think there's a specific one for half-marathoners (yet...). [Edit - I see from dagshar that the marathon one covers both...]

I'm sure with a race and a plan you'll get going again. Enjoy!!


Hi Littlepolarbear

I'm training for one at the moment in October and following a My Asics plan.

Take the bull by the horns and dive in ! I am sure once you make that start again, there will be no stopping you ! You've got a goal and a plan , go for it ! :-) xxx


Thank you everyone, I wasn't aware of the other forums I'll have a look now! After writing that post I ran a 5km and it was the first one I've really enjoyed for ages :). So slow though - hopefully my speed improves along with getting my distance back up!

It'S the Disneyland Paris half marathon how amazing!

Also thank you for the puppy sympathy - I can't believe what a life changer she has been!

Janey x


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