Thought I was going to be sick but... I DID IT!!! :-)

Thought I was going to be sick but... I DID IT!!! :-)

It was my long anticipated graduation run this morning. I was in two (or three) minds about how I was going to approach it. On the one hand, I wanted to be sure I finished it - I did not want this to be my first failure - so I wondered about setting off at a conservative (read "slow") pace and not worry about how far I went. But I thought that was wimping out, rather. I wanted to cover at least as much ground as I did on Wednesday, otherwise, what's the point? So then I thought about possibly running the full 5K and seeing how long it took me. But then I would probably have started slower again, knowing that I was going to have to keep going for longer. So I decided to set out at about the same pace as on Wednesday but to attempt to maintain it for the full 29 minutes and then put on a little extra speed for the last minute.

I was hoping that I could manage 10 times round the park this morning. That's 4.5K and I was right on target at 5 mins (750m), at 10 mins (1500m), and just a smidge ahead at 15 mins (I had just passed the start line after 5 laps when Laura gave me the time-check). I continued a little ahead of schedule for the rest of the run and when Laura told me I had just a minute to go I dug deep and picked up my speed a little. But this time the tank was nearly empty and I couldn't maintain the extra pace consistently for the last minute. I felt sick (literally, I mean) even before I'd finished running. I probably ran about 4.53K this time - so I achieved my aim of 10 times round the park plus a little bit) but had to stop completely when Laura told me I'd made it. I had a couple of heaving moments when I thought I was actually going to throw up, but it passed and I was able to get on with my cool down walk.

The rather unflattering picture is what I looked like as soon as I got home. No-one can say I didn't put enough effort into it! But, you know what? I HAVE ACHIEVED MY GOAL!!! 27 runs completed. I've done it in 8 weeks, not 9 as for the first 7 weeks I ran every other day rather than 3 times a week. My fitness has improved beyond all my wildest expectations. I am aware, as I write this, that there are other people who have had more struggles along the way than I have. I wasn't completely on the couch when I started as I walk quite a lot and cycle too, My husband suggested that I could, perhaps, start the programme at week 2, but I have done every run in the series (except run 1 of week 8 when I did the Race for Life instead) because I firmly believe that the people who put this thing together know what they're doing. And this morning I got my confirmation.

So, if you're just starting out and reading this, there is no shame in repeating runs and/or weeks if that's what's going to get you through. We all start at different levels of fitness and health. I haven't found it easy, but that's the point. This programme pushes you just enough beyond what you think you can do to allow you to do a bit more next time. I think there may have been some magic involved!

My next goal is to get to 5K in 30 mins. If you've got any sound advice on how I can achieve that, I'm all ears!


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25 Replies

  • Congratulations Miss_T_ide well done. Reading your blog tells me you did it in style too. I think you look very cool calm and collected in your photo too, my face is beetroot after a run and pouring with sweat, not a pretty sight and would never inflict those horros on all of you.

    Don't forget to send JR21 (John) a message to get your green Graduate badge. :)

  • I messaged him as soon as I'd finished writing my blog! :-)

  • Woo well done you're a graduate now! Sounds like you really dug deep and it paid off. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day and have a well deserved rest and recuperation. :D

  • Thanks. Not sure about the rest, though. I have a 3 year-old! This afternoon, while he's at nursery I have baking to do, as I've promised to make some goodies to sell at our NCT branch picnic tomorrow. Also need to make some cakes for hubby (and, maybe me too! ;-)).

  • Ah but making cakes is fun (in my opinion) I think you deserve to try one for "quality control" ;)

  • Agreed, on both counts! :-)

  • Congratulations on your fantastic run - what determination you have and how well you accomplished your goal. I think you are but a mere snitch of achieving your goal of what I assume is 5k in 30 minutes. Maybe just adjusting your split times a tiny bit will see you running your dream time or even come in under it? I am so encouraged by your blog - both the time and run.

  • Yes, 5K in 30 mins is the next goal. It's not quite 500m more that I need to cover to achieve it and between my first run this week (4.2km) and today's (4.53km) I've added 330m so... Who knows?

  • I felt like that on Wednesday (run 2) to be honest and I was glad that the run was over.

    Fells great now though, especially with the shiny new green badge of honour! Ha!


  • I felt a bit sick after I'd finished run 2, but I got the heaving thing before I'd even stopped running this morning! :-(

    But yes, it feels great, and I am loving my green badge! :-)

  • Congratulations Miss T, you're an inspiration to me. I am just starting week 2 and reading this gives me so much hope that I can also achieve a 30 minute run (hopefully 5k as well). Hope you have a couple of your cakes now to celebrate,

  • Thanks. I love this place. I never would have thought it possible for me, except that I knew it was because I read other people's stories. It gave me confidence that the programme would also work for me.

  • Congratulations!! Loving the green badge :)

  • Thanks. Me too! ;-)

  • Congratulations, Miss did an excellent job on C25K. You are very close on your 5k time also...great job!

    Best of luck to you!

  • Thanks. Once I've mastered 5K in 30 mins I want to try to improve my 5K time further. I want to be able to start at the front of next year's Race for Life!

  • great see the badge :) Very well done, such an achievement. Enjoy your success and the cakes !

  • Must... try... to... be... sensible... with... the... cakes...

  • Well done. Great achievement after a tough run.

  • Well done, I am just starting out (just did W2R2) and am so encouraged to hear you DID IT! EnjoyThe cakes and kep running.....

  • Well done to you, and you thoroughly deserve that green badge. Reading your blog is a real inspiration, I did wk 2 run 2 yesterday, near bloody killed me on the last run as it was up hill but I dug deep and did it, then came the heaving but I did my cool down wal through it, anyway well done to you, it must feel amazing to be able to run for 30 mins, that is my goal anyway. Good luck with the 5k 30 min goal, you are so going to smash it out of the park. Just let us know when you do :-D

    Ps, send us a cake lol

  • I'd love to send you a cake (or some biscuits) as I rather over-catered and have lots now. Too many to have in the house, really! ;-)

  • Fantastic! Well done for all your hard work and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Well done. I completed week 9 last week at 4.5km, with a new goal of reaching 5k. I've done that now in 33 minutes. Doing 5k in 30 minutes I think will be a bit of a challenge, but its great to read about your experience.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • I may see how long it takes me to do 5K next. I did it in 35½ mins at the Race for Life, but that was a couple of weeks ago and I was running in a crowd. Also I think I've picked up a bit of speed since then anyway...

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