W5R5.......it was tough but I did it!

Well I never, little me ran for 20 mins solid!!! Was so pleased when Laura said I'd done 10 mins as that was more than i did in one go in R2 and from then onwards it was much more pschological than physical - just kept putting one foot in front of the other and before i knew it it was all over! Unbelievable!! Felt really tired afterwards but recovered pretty quickly.I think its so important to have a decent route and to vary the route as it definitely helps to pass the time!

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  • Duuuuhh.....R3 that is, I'm not that keen!!!

  • Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? :-) Gayle

  • Well done ZipPea! It is all about getting over that mental barrier, there'll be no stopping you now :)

  • Thank you! I'd go and do it all again now! W6 starts Friday!

  • Thanks Gayle! I am just so proud of myself and looking forward to doing more and more!!

  • fantastic!! well done!! what a hurdle to have gotten behind you.

    im very much trying the mental over physical approach when I go out- Im on run 2 of week 5 tonight :- /

    oohhhhh not long now till graduation .....

    keep running


  • Good luck tonight, I'm sure it will go well! Can't even fathom the fact that I only have three weeks left of c25k, i'll definitely do the next one!

  • Well done, I'm hoping for the same success this coming week!

  • If I can do it, you most definitely can!

  • Thanks. I'm trying to stay positive. I definitely have more faith than when I started ;-)

  • You've already achieved loads so its just a case of building on thw successes so far! keep running!

  • Fabulous ZipPea. If you can do 20 mins, you can definately do the next couple of weeks. Hope and faith and shrug off the gremlins when they ask you stop....Karen x

  • Zippy by name, and zippy by nature! Well done - more than half way to graduation now! :)

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