W5R1 in the bag - but it was an effort!

So, I have now done the first run of W5 - and it wasn't as bad as I expected. In fact, the 3 x 5 mins was one minute less than I ran in W4. But I found this run harder going than the last one. 

I was tired as I'd been up to Suffolk and back to see my Mum. I had also had a couple of (small) glasses of wine at lunch - tut tut - but I had drunk 1.5 pints of water to rehydrate before setting out.

I also picked a busy time to run along the canal towpath, as there were loads of cyclists obviously coming back from work. This meant that my runs were a bit chaotic - a case of "speed up - stop - normal pace - really slow - flatten myself against wall to let someone go by". 

But I did it! And, as I was about 15 minutes away from home when the session ended, I did a couple of mini-jogs to get me home faster. Running feels much more relaxed when you are doing it just as a way to get you somewhere, rather than as a specific goal.

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11 Replies

  • Well done Katie204 for getting that run under your belt. Especially given the challenges of dodging others. 

  • Well done - nearly half way through now!

  • Well done you🙂 Getting on with the journey and looking great!

  • Thanks everyone! :-)

  • Well done Katie. You are doing brilliantly. Great positive attitude will see you through. Each run is building up your stamina and making you fitter.

    Keep going...😊🏃

  • You're right about feeling more relaxed when running without a specific goal - this is the way your head messes with you.  Your body is in the same physical shape but because you aren't stressing it feels quite different.

  • It is supposed to be an effort; that's how you pregress and improve. 😉

    So well done for getting to the end and keep up with the brilliant work you're doing!

  • Take a stick with you and next time a cyclist tries to squish you out of the way, push the stick through the spokes of his wheel and laugh as he goes in the canal. The others will soon learn to respect you (and lets face it, you have to make your own entertainment on these runs ;o)

  • That is a very naughty idea! ;-)

  • Dare you :o)

  • Doing the canal runs, one thing I have been aware of is looking for the ladders out of the canal - even though I plaster myself against the tow-path wall when I run, I still have a bit of a fear of falling in! 

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