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W1 R2 - It's sooooooooo hard! How am I supposed to do week 2?!

Hello everyone,

So completed my second run last night. I've found if I get changed at work and get off a tube stop early and run, that's much easier than going home and then leaving.

I read about these kind of Podcasts on a Guardian blog. They said they were super unfit and started doing this and they couldn't believe how easy it was. So I thought, I must try! But you have to be joking, it's so hard! Like crazy hard. I'm overweight but quite young (26) and thought i'd at least find the first few weeks to be a 'walk in the park'. Not at all. I can not believe how long 60 seconds is, and how short 90 seconds can be.

I was also hoping to get that 'runners high' after it. Oh no. Not me. When does that happen!? :) I have one run left in week one, and I can not even imagine doing more than this. I have signed up to do a sixth of a marathon at the end of September, so kind of have to keep going.

Running has always been something that I thought i'd never be able to do - so it's really nice to tackle that fear of mine. Anyway, thanks for listening to the rant! :)

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There is nothing easy about it, so they were lieing!! BUT keep it slow, really slow and you will get through and your stamina WILL improve and you never know, you may get to feel a rush of 'YES I DID IT'. That sense of achievement is what we all feel, and rightly so!


I also struggled with run 2 in week 1 and thought run 3 would be hell on earth - in fact it was the opposite, I just sailed through it. Keep a positive mind and will yourself to do it - also think about the support on here, that's what I did and it spurred me on to the end. It will get better. Good luck.


It's really easy to just assume that everyone will go through the programme at the same rate, but obviously this isn't true. Maybe you'll find next week easier once you build up to it? You've done really well to even find the motivation to start running, so keep going - you can do it!

I'm at the exact same point as you, so it'll be good to keep track of someone who is going through the same as I am! I've found that focussing on my breathing during the walks stops really helps; you should try it :)


Hi Lottyburns, its not easy but for some it appears to be easier than for others. Now before I started jogging I thought I was quite fit cos I swam, did aqua gym and walked for miles (slowly I discovered). Then I started week 1 and thought it would be quite easy, at the end I was gasping for breath cos I wasn't beathing correctly, my poor little legs were pounding as if they were still pounding the pavements. Week 1 for me was a nightmare. But I have to say it did get easier as my body and lungs got used to the exercise which I'm sure you will find too. Don't try and go too fast too soon would be my advice, once you are into the longer times its easier to adjust your speed too. Wishing you all the best, keep in touch too, we love to hear how the newbys are getting on. This site alone has over 2000 members many who have completed C25K so the programme is tried and tested and works, welcome aboard you will soon be bitten by the running bug just like the rest of us.


Thanks for all your kind words! It's so nice to speak to people who are in (who have been) in the same boat! :)


welcome to c25k and the blog, lottyburns, and congratulations on making a start. :) You probably won't find it easier as it goes on, (after all, it's supposed to be vigorous exercise!) but you will already have found it rewarding, I'm sure.All these people ready to support you and longing for you to achieve your target :). Your body and mind will adapt to the demands you are making on them and they will respond. Just make sure you are walking briskly through the walking parts of the early weeks, because they are going to build your stamina. Keep your running pace down so you don't wear yourself out and trust the programme. it really works.


It certainly isn't a doddle! Contrary to my expectations, I have just started week 3. I am not naturally sporty but I am really enjoying the programme. It just dawned on me last week that some considerable effort is going to be required to achieve 5K but like Happierswimming says, trust the programme. Starting it is a big breakthrough, so well done and I'm sure you'll get there. I think this online support is fantastic, people understand and "have been there" when you experience difficulties and are disheartened. We all want each other to succeed! So good luck and keep blogging.


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